Saturday, November 29, 2014

Best coffee in the world

I am a coffee addict. The family rule is that whoever hits the kitchen first in the morning starts the coffee. It is nearly always Bing since she gets up early to jog with Socks every day.

I have my first cup when I am downstairs after my shower, fully dressed and checking everything in my briefcase. Bing has usually left for work already, coffee to go in hand. Liv sips her coffee while she goes over her homework. We rarely speak. We just breathe in the smell and taste and wake up.

Then we drain the pot by each of us filling a to-go cup with more coffee.

When I get to work, I have at least two more cups in the morning.

And then...I'm cut off for the day.

I spend the rest of the day drinking either mugwort, horsetail or green tea.

But...this...this is the nectar of the GODS.

I don't know how other people get going in the morning....

It has to be Kicking Horse and has to be a blend called Kick Ass.

Try it and join me here in paradise.


Joanne Noragon said...

Ah, yes, we must have the same mugs in hand. I don't cut off until four or five in the afternoon. It once was bedtime, but I had to make some adjustments, after seventy.

lily cedar said...

I don't drink coffee but I have been to the Kicking Horse river. For me it's iced tea, in the morning and up to about three, any later and I can't sleep.

e said...

Strong, delicious, with half & half, and a two cup limit for me.

Jocelyn said...


megan blogs said...

I used to be a coffee drinker and switched to tea in the 1990s. I make a huge pot of it, let it steep, drink the first cup, and put the rest in a thermos so it stays warm, and I drink it all day.

There's something sacrosanct about the first cup, though. Best enjoyed quietly.

Eric said...

I don't hang out at home once I'm up and dressed, so my first cup is at work. We use a pretty decent coffee at the cafe, but it's nothing special...diner coffee, if I had to describe it. Black. Three or Four cups in the morning, maybe a couple in the afternoon.
I agree with Megan, the first cup is so much better if I can enjoy it before anyone else gets to work.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Ooooooh... from another coffee-lover. I'll see if I can find it here (and then have someone make a cup for me)!