Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How I survive the never ending Winter....

Ok...first off, yes...I need my family, friends, etc.

But, sometimes I need other things. Like these things....

1) Raw shea butter. Now, not the fake stuff you get in a store, you need raw unrefined shea butter from Africa. I order it by the pound and use it and skin. My favorite thing to do is grease myself up like a stuck pig and then take a hot, steamy shower. Of course, then you have to contend with the shower feeling a little slick. Liv doesn't mind (she likes shea butter too...) but Bing has accused me more than once of trying to turn our shower into a skating rink. So, be prepared to get out the cleanser to clean the shower floor when you are done. I like Bartender's Friend. Works like a charm.

But...god...shea butter....

2) Chai Tea Latte (get a venti!) from Starbucks. Like silk on your tongue and makes you feel all loved up. And it doesn't make my sugar go through the roof. As a type 1 diabetic....that matters to me.

3) A good book. A must. At all times. I love it when I feel a book calling me from across the room, luring me like I'm a sailor and it's a mermaid. I hear that siren call and am almost helpless with ache for a good sit down with a book.

4) Watching The Vikings. I am so in love with all the characters and love losing myself each week. I just sink in with my soft shea buttered skin and I. Am. Sated.

5) Turning the electric mattress warmer up to HIGH a half hour before I crawl into bed. I like to take a shower or a bath (cranberry bubbles please) and then go right from taking the towel off to bed. I sink in shivering and feel my bones and joints groan with relief. Warning: if you do this in front of your partner/spouse/lover....they might get in the mood for a little somethin, somethin. So...if you aren't in the mood, best to do it without an audience.

6) Eating a granny smith apple, cut neatly into wedges and placed on a pretty little plate. Half sour, half sweet, crunchy and satisfying.

7) Browsing through seed catalogs. I plan my garden every February and it helps me through the rawness of the month. I try to add something new each year, either a new herb, flower or vegetable. This year, I am choosing moon flowers. I have a nice idea to plant them right beneath the window of our guest room so that if the window is opened at night, the seductive moony scent will waft right in. They bloom at night and are so beautiful that I am sometimes moved to tears when they open.

8) Good music. I love having a teenaged daughter. She introduces me to all kinds of music that I would never find on my own. Thirty Seconds to Mars. Yum.

 9) Listening and learning from the children whom I work with daily. If I let myself go and just forget to stop analyzing, I fall in love over and over.

10) That first day when I look outside through our picture window and see that the trees are starting to bud. I practically dance all day long in my head. SPRING! All is not lost. IT'S COMING.


Joanne Noragon said...

Bed gets me through the winter, until one day the snow is gone and it might be spring. About May.
A big, soft, warm, goose down bed that sometimes muffles the alarm clock.

Anonymous said...

I love these things you speak of. Very peaceful. Except those Vikings, maybe.

Jacquelineand.... said...

Planning the garden, check. I'm trying a new tomato called Rose Quartz this year.

Gardenia-scented lotion, slather myself in it.

Hibiscus tea. Love it. Need it. Crave it.

No mattress warmers or electric blankets please, I have to start out cool and warm up in order to fall asleep. Silly body, no cookies!

Daughter Music: Electric Presidents

Surprise book love courtesy of the Great Scot....World War Z. Nothing at all like the movie and surprisingly dense and chewy.

Granny Smith apples, oh yes.

Karen said...

Odin! The Vikings with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas? Love it.

Miraculously, if I had a raven I would name it Grip, too!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really want to watch Vikings. I LOVE Game of Thrones so I think I would like Vikings as well.

lily cedar said...

Strangely enough this winter has been a blur and now it's almost March. Taking a course probably had something to do with the blur.

I have another book you might like. "The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope". Can't remember the author but a very good book.

Stay warm.

Karen said...

Love your list.

Books. Tea. My daughters. My bed and my dog who loves me.

Thank you for sharing.

8thday said...

I am looking up raw unrefined shea butter from Africa as soon as I finish this comment.

My sauna gets me through the winter. Pure 180 degree bliss.

And my basement seed starting operation is all set up and seeds will be planted this weekend.

Hope springs eternal. Or is that the hope of spring is eternal.

e said...

I don't know how the rest of you have survived this frozen hell of a winter. We've had plenty of rain, a little snow, and dense cloud cover but finally there are some bright days.

I'm looking forward to planting the garden. I'm going to try for an early crop of peas. I tried that last year and they all drowned but this year I'm going to rig up a cover for the raised bed. Hope it works!

Also, I'm wondering how shea butter works for psoriasis. My poor partner is suffering. I might get some for her to try, well, for both of us to try...

Happy spring, Maria!

Danielle L Zecher said...

I love your list! And I can't wait for the end of winter and all of the cold weather. There are quite a few local plant/garden sales here in April and putting going to those with my Grandmother(In-Law) on the calendar makes me feel like spring is coming.

Jocelyn said...

We're going to try to grow quinoa this year for the first time ever. We also have a very swampy section of garden where we plan to try straw bale gardening.

I might just rather grow moon flowers.