Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I dig Ragnar Lothbrok

My family is hooked on The History Channel's offering, The Vikings.

It started out for historical reasons. Liv, our daughter, was writing an essay on the Vikings for her final history paper. We thought that the timing of this series was serendipitous and decided to watch.

By episode 2, we were all so hooked that we firmly planted our asses on the sofa every Sunday night and were riveted. It was almost as powerful as The Walking Dead.

Liv learned a lot. We all did. And the main character interested Liv so much that she went on a major segue in her paper to write about him specifically. She used other sources, of course...I mean, she DOES know that this is television and facts can be skewed for interest levels.

Once, as we were watching, Bing looked over at me and laughed. Said, "This is like catnip to you, isn't it? Your weakness is bad boys and this culture was soooo bad. And it's like catnip to me because the woman are just as tough as the guys, but they all look good enough to eat too. I think you must have been a Viking in a past life...."

I laughed, flattered. But, she made a good point.

I was mesmerized by the first battle scene. How incredibly clever! And Liv assured me that it was all pretty historically correct. The Vikings were known for their fierceness in battle, for never, ever giving up. In fact, one English priest noted that "they seem like giants who seek battle, love it, adore it with their whole souls, as if they are bred from birth to adventurous wildity." (I didn't even know wildity was a word, but now I will say it frequently because I LOVE that word.)

And the main character, Ragnar Lothbrok is the quintessential bad boy. The bad boy with the sweet heart. A loving family man, fierce protector, salty lover. I want to leap on him and lick his face on a frequent basis.

I've always been crazily attracted to men and women who are just a little rough around the edges but have kind eyes, spirits that seek adventure but feel the pull of the hearth too. The kind of person who would walk though fire for me but stand toe to toe with me in a fight and not back down easily.

Wow. I think I just described my partner, Bing. Isn't that a piece of luck!

Now, if I can just get her to shave the sides of her head and braid the rest of her hair, we're in business.

The problem is that when you are attracted to the bad boys and girls, you get them. And you have to realize that there has to be a perfect blending and with these spirits? Well, sometimes the bad part is the biggest part and the softer part is the smallest and...aye...there's the rub.

I once dated a man who loved to ride his motorcycle (with me on the back, arms tight across his six pack chest) at high speeds on twisty highways. Without a helmet.

I admit I was young. And incredibly stupid. But, I will NEVER forget those moments of feeling as if I were flying through the air, so high on speed and sheer racing that I almost cried.

And if Liv ever does that I will ground her forever. Even if she's 20, as I was.

Luckily, Liv seems much more level headed than I ever was.

If a man or woman had a wild streak, I was on them like white on rice.

I never wanted the gentle, brainy ones. Nope. I wanted the wild, brainy ones. I loved a big laugh. Still do. I admit it. My heart flutters a bit at a wild one.

And Ragnar Lothbrok is right up my alley. Well, except for the fact that he died in 1120 and there is a lot of disagreement among historians if he even existed or was just a Nordic myth. Liv, who has done her research, tells me that he did probably live but was absolutely more of a bad boy than a good one.

Thank the stars that I never met him. I would have probably teased him for a ride on his Viking boat and offered sexual favors right up.

When I was younger, I was more of a sucker for the wild ones. Now, I am older and more settled in my yearnings. I like my home life, my partner, my daughter, my career, my tame social life very much and I do not have any real hunger to put myself in danger's way.

But, inside me? Very, very deep? My inner soul does do a little leap when I see someone who is just a little crazy, a little wild. It's why I liked Johnny Depp's pirate character in those Disney movies. Why I liked Johnboy on The Waltons, but only as a friend. He was far too tame and gentle for my cravings. I wanted to go with Jack Kerouac on that highway, looking for America. I wanted Hawkeye from Last of the Mohicans to shout to me to, "Stay Alive. I WILL find you!" I watched The L Word just to feast my eyes on the impetuously spirited, doe eyed lesbian, Shane. I wanted to hike with Cheryl Strayed and go on a mission with Elektra. I smirked when Jo in Little Women ended up with her professor. I think she was better suited for someone fiesty like Gertrude Stein. Rule breakers of any kind fascinated me.

It took me over 40 years to learn the lesson that a lot of bad boys and girls are more bad than good. And finally find the one who was more good than bad....but still just enough bad to keep my blood boiling.

How about you? Do you watch this show? And what sort of personality sets your blood boiling?

Atticus Finch?
Tim Tebow?
Angelina Jolie?
Michelle Obama?

Do you go for brainy? Funny? Hot looking? Laid back and easy going?

What sends YOU flying?


LizC said...


Jocelyn said...

I HAVE to see this show. We don't have cable, so I'll be forced to wait, but stilllllllll...

I do have a soft spot for a good berserker.

In fact, I married a fairly Viking-ish guy, in stature and heritage. However, he leads with brainy and gentle. If anyone in our lives ever needs a good whupping, it'll be me doing it. Maybe I'm my own bad boy, so I didn't need to marry one?

Roberta said...

I'm still kicking myself that I forgot to watch that first episode of Vikings! So I missed out...I wasn't going to start in the middle. But, yea. I like the wild boys, fell for one, married him - and here we are, still married 38 years later!

Eva said...

I haven't watched the show, more into spaceships than vikings I guess.

Brainy, laid back and easy going for me.

the only daughter said...

Haven't but will. no, not a bad or wild type. Or maybe just a bit of rebel in her. ;)

Earth Muffin said...

"just a little rough around the edges but have kind eyes, spirits that seek adventure but feel the pull of the hearth too. The kind of person who would walk though fire for me but stand toe to toe with me in a fight and not back down easily." That describes my husband to a perfect T! That's the type I've always been attracted to.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I like bad boys as long as they're not seriously bad as in cruel or mean.

"Do you go for brainy? Funny? Hot looking? Laid back and easy going?" Your question describes Flip. He was a rock musician so "bad" was a given, but also incredibly kind. I was the one with a bit of larceny in my soul, which few guessed because I always looked angelic. But he was far braver than I physically, so it balanced out perfectly.

MB said...

You had me, right up until you mentioned Cheryl Strayed.

Anyway, I am susceptible to men who get my humor and can make me laugh. Bad/wild boys...I think I've grown out of.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I can't watch fight scenes, so that probably rules out this series for me!

What I seem to be drawn to over and oever are muscular men who are also smart and funny. I don't know about "bad boys" but I do love me some fiery passion!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am fascinated by this time period so I really want to watch this show!!

Frontier Mom said...

Robert Redford does it for me...all rugged and craggy.

I love the Vikings...makes me feel a bit connected to my roots in Norway. I have many of my Grandparents' Viking inspired heirlooms, many of which are wildly gothic.

Chef Mireille said...

I absolutely adore this show and cannot stop watching it. I just discovered it and watched all 4 seasons in one week and can hardly contain myself until 11/30 when the second half of season 4 resumes.
I LOVE Ragnar - something so sexy and dangerous..I just love him
...I watch the show for three reasons...
one I think is interesting to learn about this part of history and surprisingly I love the battle scenes - the cunning and the strategic thinking of this man was amazing
secondly the love story of Lagertha and Ragnar - God I can't stand Aslaugh - I hope Lagertha kills her!!!! and it is so apparent that Lagertha was truly his love while Aslaugh was his baby breeder. I love the constant flirting and you see how jealous and protective he is of Lagertha!
thirdly the complex relationship between Ragnar and Rollo

so yes, I was also hooked after just 1 episode and this is now my fave show on tv!!!