Monday, March 04, 2013

Some days are just like that

Do you have a power song?

I do. I have this on my ipod and every time I have some battle to fight, some asshole to deal with, some heavy burden or unfair outcome....I play this while I am in my car driving and I sing with it....LOUD as hell.

Everyone needs one and I need it today....up against some downtown bureaucrats who want to mess with my business.

Either I win or I go down fighting. I am titanium. And I swear TO GOD that if they send that smirky woman who wears the too tight suit again, I will take her down. Sighing. About a quarter of our business is pro bono and we also deal with lots of paperwork involving health and human service child abuse cases. I get SO weary of having to sit in front of judges and explain why this child needs more help and why no....I can't just treat him/her for a month and they'll be okay. Do they REALLY want this child to take his or her rage and pain into adolescence and teendom? Because then, trust me...we ALL will pay. am titanium


ChiTown Girl said...

Hi, Maria,

Sorry to leave this here, since it has nothing to do with this post, but your comments come to me with a "no-reply" email :(

Just for the record, I will NOT just be eating salad at our party! :P

The only things on that menu that I'll be skipping are the 2 kinds of pasta, and the stuffed peppers, since they're going to be stuffed with rice. Everything else is going to be yummy! I'm just not eating carbs right now, which is pretty easy, actually. Well, I shouldn't say I'm having NO carbs, since I AM eating fruit. Basically, just no pasta, rice or bread. See? I'm gonna eat like a queen at the party! =)

Now, as far as this post goes, I have several different songs that I use in different situations. This one is a good one, though, so I may have to add it to my rotation.


Moonboots said...

Agree, power song all the way when needed. I will try this one next time. Hope you sorted them out?

Jacquelineand.... said...

And today I send my thoughts your way in hopes that they will help; if only so you know that someone here wants you to win.

My power song? I'd have to think about it.

Kate said...

I'm embarrassed, but Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" helps me on the days when I have to be tough. I go for my run and visualize myself overcoming all the obstacles in my path. Then I go to work and... well, the results are mixed.

the only daughter said...

Lately, when I think power, I think Pink.

LL Cool Joe said...

Great song, I still play this a great deal at gigs. Mine would probably be Eminem "The Way I Am".

thegrumpygirl said...

Get OUT! That's my "world can't bother me" song too!!!! :D

When I'm in a bad place I sing it in the shower. Well, the refrain, I suck at the rest ;)

"I'm bulletproof / nothing to lose / fire away fire away
ricochet / you take your aim /fire away fire away
you shoot me down / but I won't fall / I am titanium"

btw I love this version from Pitch Perfect (which is an awesome movie anyways): it's at the beginning of this clip:

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Mine is "Eye of the Tiger" LOL

Mitchell is Moving said...

Wow! I could have used that song a few years ago at work. I love it!