Monday, November 19, 2012

This is what happens when you watch "Walking Dead" before sleeping....

Weird dreams ALL night long.

Dream that my co-workers have decided that I need to write a "work blog."

"Just nine pages a day!" they tell me.  "And make it funny!"

I am upset when I realize that they have actually added this to my workload. It has been decided in some meeting and everyone is depending on me to do a good job since it will decide our incomes. I have no idea what this means but in my dream, I was just sick with dread.

Drift into another dream where I am outside in a garden and see an iguana with a human baby face. I am curious and a little scared. It is a light greenish tint and seems to dart a lot. I find this unsettling. Some woman with long dark hair comes up and swiftly catches it and quickly and neatly eats the baby head off of it and tells me it is the best part. I am horrified when I see blood on her face and look away. She laughs at me and I am pissed off but too scared of her to do anything. Instead, I casually walk away, hoping that she won't follow.

And then I am with Bing and she has cheated on me with a man. I am so mad at her, screaming at her. She is acting like she can't believe I think this is a big deal. I keep saying, "A MAN!? SERIOUSLY?! A MAN! C'MON!"

When I relay this dream to her in the morning, she will start laughing and say, "God, doing it with a MAN? How will I eat breakfast now? I'm sick to my stomach."

Another dream: I am in a mall and have a baby Liv with me. She is a toddler and I have lost her in a children's shoe shop. I am trying to get people to help me look for her. I am told that I need to buy a pair of shoes before anyone can help me. So, I grab a pair of tiny baby shoes and when I go to pay, realize that I have no money. I offer them my phone in payment and they tell me that I must teach this old man how to use it before they will accept it. I am crying and trying to show him how to work the phone. I keep messing up the instructions.

Another dream: I am in a small empty room with a beautiful male angel. His wing span must be six feet and he is gorgeous but fierce. He is annoyed with me. Tells me that I am as dumb as dirt for someone with such a big brain. I am offended but know that he won't tell me the future if I don't make friends with him, so I am smiling and trying to flirt with him. It seems to be working. I realize that the angel is not really an angel but Tom Hiddleston playing an angel. I am confused as to what to do next. Should I tell him that I know he is just playing a part or act along? I mean, he IS gorgeous and I wouldn't mind kissing him. But, truthfully? He can't tell my future and he did just insult me. I start to walk away, call him an asshat and then he is suddenly contrite and begging for my attention. Keeps grabbing my arm, saying that I am lovely, so nubile. I realize that it is not me that he is thinking of but my younger self. I am sort of astonished that I can just change back and forth between my youthful self and my older one. 

WHEW! Is it any wonder I woke up with bags under my eyes?

Any brave takers on these dreams? Any analysts?


heartinsanfrancisco said...

The one about Bing is hilarious, but the others are incredibly strange. What is more, I can't find a common thread except that you are worried sick. About the responsibility of writing the work blog, the iguana/child head eater (who scares me, too, btw,)losing baby Liv (this one is probably classic as I have variations of it all the time in which my children are themselves as babies or toddlers, and the last one - maybe you're worried about your present degree of attractiveness. (Who isn't?) I love the idea of changing to a more youthful self and wish you would share your method,if you figure it out. And maybe you should be more careful what you watch before bedtime.

kristi said...

I will be 40 soon, and honestly I am stressing about finding a new job with all of these damn fetuses out here, fresh out of college. But those dreams sound cray cray.

Kimberly said...

No insights here, but I do have a similar dream about losing one or more of my kids on a fairly regular basis. The worst is that I frequently (more than most people, from what I understand) wake up from dreaming and go back to sleep to pick up the same dream. This is great when it's a good dream, but horrifying when it's scary. I frequently wake up sweaty and tossing, reassure myself it was "just a dream," then fall right back into the nightmare. Shudder.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Just stop watching those creepy zombies!

the only daughter said...

I like what hearts said. And whew, am i glad I don't remember (most) of my dreams.