Sunday, May 27, 2012

Falling in love with bad boys or why Loki does it for me

I'll go into a long diatribe about bad boys later on...

But...for now. Look at Tom Hiddleston's face and tell me that you could resist him.'s from Thor, not The Avengers...but god, he's like...perfect in every way.

The hair. The eyes. The expression. The laugh.

Uh huh. Eat him up with spoon.

And it just makes it more compelling that he plays Loki, the god of mischief...a bad boy.

Can never resist those bad boys......or girls.

Any ideas why? Do you share this affliction too or are you into good guys (Captain America?) and good women (Wonder Woman?)....I'm curious...

WHY do you think that is and why are you attracted to a certain kind of man or woman?

I have my own ideas about why I tend to fall hardest for bad boys and girls, but then...tend to pick the good ones in the end.

But...what is it that attracted you to someone you love or loved so very much?

I really want to hear your stories. And tell us the truth. Not the tried and true:

I love a man who makes me laugh (Okay...but in what way?)
I like tall, dark and handsome (Okay, but what else?)
I have always liked quiet men (How quiet and in every way?)
She had a great laugh (What kind? Impish? Broad? Coquettish? Bawdy?)

And then, I'll tell you mine.

I just asked Bing why she was attracted to me and she said it was honestly for my brains and not my looks, although she has no problems with my looks. (Admittedly this was said after I answered, " this a roundabout way of saying that I'm ugly?") She said, "You used big words, but didn't throw them around like a showoff. And okay...I was driving Molly (Liv's pal) home last night and she was telling Liv that she had been a late talker, hadn't talked until she was three, that her parents used to constantly beg her to use her words and then Liv said, When I was little, my mother never had to beg me to use my words, she did say  Use your grammar! a lot, though. Okay...that is exactly why I fell in love with you. Plus, you were a chameleon. I dug that. Still do."

But...first...tell me you could resist this man:


JohnD said...

Personally, I was more taken with 'bad girls'.

"A good girl goes home and goes to bed, while a bad girl goes to bed and then goes home!" lol!

sybil law said...

That guy is pretty awesome. For me, with him, it's the accent.
Overall, though - I still go for the musicians, in general. They tend to be assholes, and yet insecure once you know them. I've been told I am intimidating to them, but whatever. I think I'm attracted to their creativity and talent, but I have no desire to be in the spotlight. I guess you could say musicians are bad boys, and I love sarcasm and brains, but I won't even talk to a true prick.
I don't know. I definitely just like good looking guys.

Anonymous said...

Good guys for me, hands down. The drama and chaos of bad boys leaves me cold. A friend who had three marriages to bad boys is now trying to find happiness with a good guy because she is tired of the dramatic endings. But, she is miserable. She is left as cold with a good guy, as I am by a bad guy. In talking about our different preferences, we can both definitely say that our choices are in large part formed by observing our parents' relationships and how their marriages played out.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yep I could definitely resist him. He's all yours Maria. ;)

Earth Muffin said...

His long hair and bright blue eyes drew me closer to him for a better look. His strong, calloused hands and I-don't-give-a-shit clothes and posture attracted me enough to accept his invitation to "hang out" later that night. His no-holds-barred laugh, gentle voice and gentler kisses kept me coming back around. The phrase, "This kind of scares me too, but I'm not going anywhere" hooked me.

He'd probably fall into the category of "bad boy gone good", because his risk-taking wild days were behind him by the time we met. Some of his stories make my hair curl, but I wouldn't have him any other way because all of those experiences make him who he is.

I am such a sap!

Mitchell is Moving said...

He's definitely pretty. But, as it is for Sybil, for me it's the accent.

I'm not big on bad boys. I like kind people who don't appear to be goodie-goodies (so no Captain America or Wonder Woman for me). Squeaky clean is insincere. I love mischievousness but not when it's unkind. I love joyful people who have a touch of sadness underneath because, without that, there's no true empathy (sympathetic people are not the same; I hate people who "feel sorry" for others).

What attracted me to Jerry the moment I saw him was -- shallowly -- the fact that he was a hunk. What developed my interest was -- again shallowly -- that he was a hunk and that he was wealthy, successful, had a prominent family name, and was seemingly popular, confident, and driven. What KEPT me with him was discovering that he wasn't really confident and his drive was a mixed bag, and that what I had really seen underneath it all was a working-class kid from South Dakota who was the sweetest, kindest person I had ever met, and that he eventually learned that the rest of the stuff was meaningless and that he really admired and needed me, too. Not very sexy, is it?

Anonymous said...

I will have to look up loki guy... it's not showing up on my smart phone. I don't know that I see my choices as "good" and "bad." Does that come from your mom? I wasn't really raised with discussions of that kind... my dad was a good guy who hurt my mom by having an affair and leaving... but married woman he had affair with and was good guy in all other ways. Fantastic dad and exhusband, husbabd to second wife, friend, etc. My stepdad is badboy who does a lot of good. Wounded man who can be an asshole and the asshole part wounded me a lot. I have resentments against such men and am now in a relationship w someone like that. I easily fall for musicians, creative types, kind people, men who are great in bed, mean who are vocal in bed, men who are tender, generous lovers, kind and good with kids, animals and old people. Men I can laugh with. Men good at something I'm bad at. Personally, I'm creative, high strung, vocal, kind to kids and animals, etc and very generous. I think I am sucker for same same more than for different. My bf is very different from me in many ways and I find it exhausting. I super appreciate people who understand me... and I am hard to understand. That is prob why same same is good for me. I like freespirits. My bf is different in many many ways from previous bfs. My first bf may have been my perfect match but I broke up and he is now long partnered etc. Sometimes I despair about relationships and me. Maybe I just can't do them. I don't even know if I'm good or bad girl. I am easy to have sex with, very generous, nurturing, intense person. I like the same. But my bf is different. He is kind and generous... and intense... but repressed, stoic, doesn't understand himself or others, sensituve but not to others (sort of aspergery), hardworking to a fault, frugal to a fault, and very judgemental of both himself and others. And he is slow to have sex tho' great in bed. And he's not good w kids. And he drives me nuts. I look forward to hearing your reasons why you're attracted to bad boys and girls. Oh, and he said he fell in love with me for my smile. I fell for his, too. But the guy sure can keep from smiling sometimes!

Anonymous said...

The thing is, he looks feminine to me. I don't do well with that look in a guy. At least not a guy I would think of in a romantic way.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The pic doesn't show up here, but I get the attraction because I share it. As a young teen, I emulated (and eventually outdid) the baddest girl in school, and always found bad boys irresistible. Maybe it was a form of rebellion because my parents demanded that I be "a lady." I had no interest in that, although I was happy enough to be a woman someday.

I think I was cured when one of my bad boys murdered someone in cold blood, claimed self-defense and showed up on my doorstep in bloody camos saying, "He never knew what hit him."

My Flip had the aura of a bad boy because he was a rock musician who played with Jimi Hendrix at 19, but is actually as solid,good,faithful and honorable as your Bing. And that is so much better in every way.

Anonymous said...

Okay, as I swimming alongside my bf this evening... at the condo of my mom and stepdad... what is "bad" and "good" - for you and others? Maybe these are odd terms for me because there is so muxh addiction in my family. I have my own history in this area. I hate how addiction makes me people behave but I don't hate addicts. I grew up with them. I am one. I tend to love them / us. Then there is intention. I usually have good intentions. My actions may be poor but my intentions good. My bf usually has good intentions but actions can drive me nuts. Then there is emotional maturity. I am mature in some areas, not in areas. If anything, I equate good and bad, in terms of people, with this. Are they capable of being responsible? Of putting others first if need be? I want an emotionally mature person. Of that I'm certain. Before my bf, I knew I needed someone like me... flawed and wounded... with a past full of mistakes. Otherwise they wouldn't undertand me! And real intention and action to grow and mature along with some real growth and maturity. I'm not sure he has all I wanted. I don't either, I found out. Being in a relationship again revealed my most immature areas. So... for me... good and bad is about mature and immature. How about for you, maria? And your readers?