Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adjusting/The Hunger Games/Spring is busting out all over

Well...I guess it's fine. Our new mattress. Our old one was over a decade old and Bing has done some mattress researching ala her new aching butt cheek and back. She decided that we all needed new mattresses, firm ones.

Our old one was more like a granny's feather bed type. I sank into it with pure bliss. But, no...Bing swears that our new one will be better for my back and hers. And Liv. Liv's old twin mattress originally belonged to her grandmother, so it was ancient. Now, she has a new firm one too.

At the mattress store, we all agreed that they were fine. Maybe not as comfy cozy, but okay. And yes, I did read all the research, so we opted for firm mattresses with something called a pillow top to ensure that it was at least a little soft.

Well, the mattresses are here and the old ones in our garage waiting for our tree guy to take them to his cabin in Minnesota this summer. He goes there with his fishing buddies and says that mattresses on the floor might be better than their sleeping bags. Fine.

Call me nitpicky but it sort of bothers me that I have to hop up on our new mattress because it is so damn HIGH. I feel like a shrimp.

Our full sized sheets just barely fit. They are as tight as a drum. But, I must admit that our old fashioned chenille bedspread looks much better now that it isn't dragging on the floor.

I think that I am just not good with change. I sort of liked the way our old mattress caused us to slide into the middle against each other. I feel almost crabby about all of this and how stupid is that? I have a fancy 1000 buck mattress now that is recommended by back doctors everywhere. What the hell is my problem?

We saw The Hunger Games yesterday. I liked it. I think. Again, the nitpicker in me rears her ugly head.

My favorite scene in the book is when Katniss puts flowers all over Rue's dead body and District 11 sends her a loaf of bread. It wasn't in the film and I felt cheated. I also thought that Peeta wasn't cast correctly, that the guy who played Gale should have been Peeta. What I did adore was Lenny Kravitz as Cinna and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. Pitch perfect.

Unfortunately, half way through the movie, a teenage girl had an epileptic fit and they had to stop the movie and have her removed on a stretcher. I tried to be nice and caring about it, but this was the same teenager who came in wearing daisy duke shorts, a halter top that plainly showed her humungous nipples poking out and platform shoes that she teetered on stupidly. She also kept shouting out, "I am so psyched for this to start, bitches!" to her friends. Call me mean, but I think karma came into play here. Or not.

The movie started up again after they removed her from the theater as she was screaming and crying that she WAS FINE, DAMN IT, YOU FUCKERS! I am not an expert on epileptic fits but from my medical knowledge, this didn't appear to be one. Usually when the patient comes back from the fit, they are lethargic and weak. She was full of beans and ready to duke it out. But, when they called for a doctor, four men stood up, so I didn't bother and maybe they knew better than I did.

At any rate, I would say the movie was good, but couldn't match the book. But, really? The only movies that I've seen that equaled the books have been The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Today is Sunday, rest and lollygag day here. Bing and Liv are cranky because they go back to teaching and school tomorrow. Tough titty, I say. We've decided to spend the day kicking back. Liv and I are enjoying our new Ipads, courtesy of Bing, who bought them for us yesterday afternoon. But, I can only play Angry Birds for so long. Bing says that she will teach me how to work all the other applications. She's also arranged it so that I can write my blog and check my email on it, but since...AS YOU KNOW..I am bad with change, I am finding that I can't sit on the sofa and write my blog. I have to be in my office, looking out on the flowering dogwood tree and away from the sound of Bing's incessant viewing of CNN.
We ARE going to go out to dinner. Bing had planned on a chicken and rice casserole, but she just sold our old lawn mower for 200 smackers ad she doesn't feel like cooking, so lucky us. Now we just have to decide on a restaurant. If Bing had her way, we'd be eating sushi. She adores it. Liv likes Indian food, especially anything in a hot curry sauce and me? I sort of feel like an omelet. We might have to have Mexican food, something totally different from all of our cravings to keep everyone happy.

Socks is patiently sitting on my foot to remind me to take him for his walk. His girlfriend, Gigi the teacup poodle usually is out walking with her human about this time of day and he wants to get some prime butt sniffing in. He looks huge compared to her and he is not an overly big dog. Plus he is a no frills sort of guy and she likes to sport rainbow colored scarves tied daintily around her neck. She also has her toenails painted sky blue sometimes. It is sort of like Ernest Borgnine going out with a very short Lady Gaga. But, they make it work. Sometimes the best pairings are the strangest ones. I imagine her ducking her head at him and purring, "You are such a sweet big ole lug!" while he makes no bones about the fact that he is practically dying to get a whiff of her ass. He's a meat and potatoes sort of fella, no games, no silly seduction games. If he says she looks pretty, he means it. If he says that it's time for him to rustle on back to the ranch, Sally, it's time to herd those cows, he means it too.

And it is gorgeous outside, our windows are wide open all day and night now. A buttery soft breeze wafts through the house. Our dogwood and flowering crab trees are in full bloom as well as the wisteria and forsythia bushes and my pink and yellow tulips. Everything else is this close to blooming. I look longingly at our yard, but Bing has yet to till it for me. She usually does this in late April and we plant in early May. I dunno, though. Spring seems sprung to me.

I am wearing flip flops already. And a short sleeved tee shirt. Capris.

Close enough to Spring to touch her.

How is your weekend going? Is everybody bright eyed and bushy tailed. What's for supper at your house? And anyone watching The Amazing Race with me tonight and then...


MAD MEN is baaaacccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!


Anonymous said...

We saw The Hunger Games last night and I enjoyed a great deal. I haven't the books yet which might help. Didn't like the handheld cameras but loved the strong, young woman as lead character.

And Mad Men tonight, finally.

Spring is not here yet. Still fucking cold and windy. Maybe this week.

jen@ living a full life said...

We got a firm pillow top loved it at first but after about two years it was horrible- and we paid good money for it too!
It got so soft and mushy that I had to put it in the guest room, my body literally ached from lack of support so we went back to the traditional firm mattress.

sybil law said...

WHY would they cut that part out of the Hunger Games?! And I've had the same thought about Peeta and Gale - only I haven't seen it yet. I just thought so from the pictures.
The plan is to see it tomorrow with Gilda.
The little skank at the movies sounds like a real piece of work. I've heard the camera work is shaky - maybe that triggered something? Who knows. Stupid little skank.
I am dying to get flowers on the porch and cusions out and all that, but it really is too early. Wah.

sybil law said...

Oh! And YAY for Mad Men!!

Earth Muffin said...

The whole weekend has been pretty lazy for us. Laundry and housecleaning, the guys did a little yard work, that's it. Visited w/family today, at some good food.

I'm so disappointed to hear they left out Rue's flowers. :( Hoping to catch the movie next weekend, we shall see. I thought Woody was a good choice for Haymitch too. Mr. EM was hoping for Robert Downey Jr., who also would have been good.

Beth said...

I have very badly damaged bones and spine, and have found that a firm mattress with a memory foam mattress pad on top does wonders for me. The foam was created for astronauts, and it curves to fit your body and actually relieves all your pressure points. If I have to sleep somewhere else (traveling) without my memory foam, the pain in my hips and back will wake me long before I want to waken. I got mine at Walmart and it is worth EVERY PENNY.

LizC said...

Just finished watching The Amazing Race. Go Kentucky!

And, what's with the couple who keep saying 'Cheese and Crackers'?

Spring has certainly visited us here in Canada, but the temp.s are going back down below freezing overnight. I'm just hoping the little buds and sprouts don't succumb.

Eva @View from the Hillside said...

I havent't seen The Hunger Games yet, but I'm in the process of making a date with a fellow fan. Meanwhile, my wife to be will be seeing The Iron Lady, we do have different tastes.
I hope your mattress will work out for you. Personally I'll probably never listen to a back doctor again. I had a hard mattress, as recommended, but my back was always stiff and sore in the morning. Then a bought a medium one, that turned out to be very soft (with the added advantage of being incredibly cuddle-friendly), and both I and my back love it.
I hope you guys have backs that responds positively to the recommended treatment :-)

e said...

We are just having a glimmer of Spring here in the PNW. Planted onion starts, peas, and lettuce last weekend and then it snowed. Sheesh. The weather is broken!

I'm sorry to hear that the scene with Rue and the flowers got cut. It actually brought tears to my eyes when reading the book. I know that something will always be cut from the book to make the screenplay, but that was a very important scene! Oh well. I think I have gotten the niece to read the book before she sees the movie. Hope so!

Enjoy the new mattress. I agree with your other poster about the memory foam pad. And, our beds are way up high like that, too. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Never skimp on a mattress, a cat, or coffee. ~Mary (at least I don't)

Chris said...

Don Draper. Swoon.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Angry Birds! Get Draw Something, it's muchly hilarious especially if you're as bad at drawing as I am!

LL Cool Joe said...

Good news about the firm mattress, I can't stand soft ones. As actress said to the bishop. ;D