Wednesday, November 02, 2011


You get three wishes right now. But, there is a catch. You have to write what they are RIGHT NOW. No time to ponder. Just write. Let's see what we come up with.


1) Want to win the 400 million dollar lottery
2) Want good health, no more aches, pains, illnesses
3) For Liv to have a fulfilling life


Bet you didn't know what a greedy sucker I am, huh?

Your turn. Don't THINK. Just write. 3 wishes. Now.


Jamie said...

1 - I wish it was tomorrow so I could be on my way for the grown-ups getaway
2 - I wish my dishwasher wasn't so loud
3 - I wish someone would pay my bills for the next month

Karen said...

1. Enough money to get out of debt, pay off my daughter's college bills, and have enough for the baby to go, too. And enough to start a non profit company.
2. No more achy knees
3. See the world and stay in beautiful places.

Earth Muffin said...

You took my wishes!

Well, I wasn't specific with the lottery amount. I don't pay attention to how much is in the pot, I just think about how great it would be to win any large sum of money.

Good health for sure, I'd want to extend that wish to encompass all four of us.

And while I certainly hope that Liv has a fulfilling life, my third wish would be for my own kids to have fulfilling lives.

So, yeah. You took my wishes!

BBC said...


sybil law said...

Well, hell - mine are the same as yours:
1) Win the lottery
2) Protect all my family and friends and their health
3) A great, satisfying life for Gilda

Anonymous said...

1. win the publisher's clearing house drawing next week.
2. center court seats at the us open - heck if we are wishing - might as well play in the open!
3. happiness and fulfillment for all our children and their sig. others forever.

The Crow said...

Your wishes sound good to me, but I'd substitute my daughter and grandson in your third wish...not that I wouldn't wish the same for Liv, but, well, you know...

Mark said...

I thought of world peace first. I actually put the world before me for a change. Good for me! I'm enlightened!
Although I could really use that 400 million dollar lottery win.

Destingirls said...

1. Lottery (funny how just that one wish solves so many problems)

2. Health for N. (maybe she would quit smoking)

3. Health for me. (then we could really enjoy that lottery!)

the only daughter said...

1. Better health for all my peeps.

2. Enough $$ to buy all the owners out of my building (& the building on the corner)gut them and model a manse for myself, son, daughter, and as sig others & children come into the pic, yep, them too. In the meantime, studios for all--me: art & writing, son: whatever he needs to continue to perfect his craft and daughter: room to operate her own Nursery & Pre-School AND enough to buy the business from my boss and run it the way it deserves to be run.

3. A lovely lady who would be willing and is able to mesh her life with mine and we then live as happily ever after as possible.

Chris said...

1. Health
2. To be able to fix up the house.
3. Comfortable money, i.e. enough to be comfortable.

LL Cool Joe said...

1. Not to die of cancer.
2. For my family to be healthy, happy and well.
3. To find something in my life that makes me want to jump out of bed each morning with excitement and look forward to the day ahead.

JohnD said...

1. Want to spend more time with Rhonda (my wife).

2. Want to get rid of our three vehicles and come down to one brand new one.

3. Want my daughter and my grandsons to be together all the time and not just every second weekend!

Vinita said...

1. Have healthy and happy kids.

2. Have my own bookstore or library some day.

3. Travel around in Europe.

Rose said...

1. I wish to win a large lottery to pay off all debt, have the means to send my twins anywhere they want to go for college, and retire easily and happily with my wonderful, hard-working husband.

2. I wish for health for myself and my husband and sons.

3. I wish that my boys will find extraordinary and wonderful significant others who will love and respect them always, and who will also be friends with their dad and me.

John Gray said...

a full cream trifle

to be 13 stone (again)

Russell crowe on a plate

Sarahf said...

1. That Mr wonderful would hurry the eff along and just be here already.
2. That my family continue to be in good health.
3. That I continue to enjoy my life on all levels (it's been going rather well lately).

Katrina said...

I wish I could eat all of my Halloween candy RIGHT NOW.
I wish I had a job.
I wish I had some more money.

Anonymous said...

1. Win Powerball Jackpot
2. good health for myself and Sweet Baboo
3. All of my Federal rights


Redbone210 said...

1. To win enough money to pay my bills, pay off student loans, and secure my kids future;

2. To be healthy - truly healthy. With no aches, pains, or discomfort.

3. Inner peace.

Mitch Block said...

1. Want to split the $400 million lottery with you (sorry).

2. I want all forms of intolerance, hate, cruelty, and war to disappear while I live a continued healthy and happy long life with Jerry and the people I love (OK... I have a feeling that's more than one wish).

3. I want to be able to immediately speak at least a dozen languages (of my choosing) brilliantly and fluently.

Linda@VS said...

Off topic (I'm sorry!), but I just came across this Lee DeWyze video and immediately thought of you. Maybe it'll fulfill your unwritten fourth wish. Here's the link:

"Wonderful Tonight"

Tiger Chanter said...

1) I want our power restored (up here in Western Mass! :( )

2) I want all our debt paid off.

3) I want to get back to the weight that I was in my senior year of college.

Ambrosia said...

1. To have a healthy body for my age, including a lack of constant pain... so I can be involved in my kid's life fully and completely.

2. To have enough money to pay off my debts, send my kiddo to college, and live comfortably.

3. For those I love to be happy and healthy.

I had a hard time with the third one. The first and second pretty much summed up my priorities. :)

e said...

Can I have my mom back?

Maria said...

Linda, Lee DeWyze is never off topic. And would you believe that I saw this about twelve hours ago? My bff sent me that link and said, "Go on and drool."

I did.

That man is just tasty.

Maria said...

And listen up, dudes...y'all are CHEATERS.

You can't put three wishes into one and call it good. THREE WISHES and none of this:

I want for my arthritis to go away and also my migraines and I never want the cancer to come back.



Anonymous said...

To find a genie in the bottle that will grant me three wishes.

To not loose our house.

That my daughter doesnt make all the mistakes and made, and that she lives a long healthy life.

Karen said...

Awe... To e who wants Mom back ... I think that's the best wish of all. Thank you for saying that, because if wishes really worked they would truly be magic, and if we have magic we could have those people back. So can I start over? I want Linda and Debbie and Shellie and my brother and my uncle Jacob and my grandmother and my Pop and my MomMom and .... Oh, dear, Sorry! can't stop at three.