Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Anyone heard of BlogHer?

I've been invited to join them.

I'm tempted. I checked out their site and was pleased with the caliber of bloggers who are on there. Lots of seriously good writers.

My readership would expand since they promote you. This may or may not be a good thing since I have never really been too concerned about that. I really like those that read me and enjoy reading them too. And some of the best blogs that I read, I discovered because they found me first and commented.

But, I truly like the pace of my blog. Like it that I only write when I feel like it. That wouldn't really change. According to their guidelines, I'd only have to update the blog once a week and I already write more than that.

I like the whole concept of BlogHer.

The only problem that I have is that I would have to have ads on my blog, something that I have shunned from day one. I've always found ads annoying on other blogs. The good news is that I can set ad guidelines (no dating ads, no Republican ads, etc.) But,frankly it is the only thing making me pause.

I like the simple look of my blog. I find it comforting to look at. Would ads spoil that?

Bing's fingers are all over my back on this one. She thinks I should absolutely join. That, hey, I would make MONEY from those ads and that it is a minor thing. She has always said that I should look into publication, which sort of surprises me since she really doesn't read my blog that much.

I just don't know. I'm human. I like the idea of reaching more people, maybe finding more interesting blogs to read. But, the other part of me is hesitating. I am already pushed for time a lot. I set aside one day a week to just read other blogs and I start at 7 and finish about 9. Do I really have enough time to take on more readers? But, the thing is....I LOVE my nights of reading other blogs. I am always so impressed with them.

Ugh. Back and forth. Back and forth.

What would you do if you were me?


MB said...

Ever since I discovered your blog, I've been telling everyone who will listen that they should be reading it. I think you deserve a bigger audience because you have a unique voice, one that I've not seen elsewhere on the interweebs.

Will it be all sunshine and happy cakes and cowbells? Probably not. But it could be a new adventure. And who couldn't use a new adventure now and then?


Vinita said...

I have a feeling you'd enjoy it...more blogs to read and more friends to make as I see it. If it doesn't become a chore to blog, it sounds quite enjoyable to me. And if you do go ahead and publish the blog in a book, I'll be at the front of the line when it comes out.

Chris said...

I read a lot of blogs and I think yours definitely should be on BlogHer. As for the ads, they are everywhere anyway and they certainly wouldn't bother me. I say go for it. You have things to say that people need to hear.

Mark said...

Please, when you figure this one out, let me know. I didn't know that you had to promote BlogHer on your blog if you were to join them.
Good luck with whatever you do. I was thinking about attending BlogHer in 2012. Want to hang out?

The Crow said...

Give it a try. If it turns out not your thing, you can drop it, right?

Jean said...

I would be flattered beyond belief. And might do it, ads and all. Yes, they're annoying but everyone is used to ignoring them now.

Selfishly, I don't want you to do it if it would in any way change your blog. I love it exactly as it is and can't imagine how it could be better.

Redbone210 said...


Ultimately, it's your blog - worlds, thoughts and rants. It's yours. I understand that Bing is looking at the financial impact, but face it...it might start to feel like you sold out (let's be honest here).

How about you eliminate other voices (ours, Bing's, BlogHers) and just focus on what YOU want your blog to be. Is it a journal? Is it a legacy for Liv? Is it a hobby?

What does this glorious writing tool mean to you? Then you'll have your answer. Sorry for sounding like Yoda or something.

PS I'll still come and read regardless of what you decide because I love your voice.

Ambrosia said...

Yes, ads can be annoying, but I don't personally know anyone who has turned away from a good blog (or website of any kind) just because it has ads. Besides, are all of the pros that you listed (including making money off of the ads!) truly outweighed by the con(s)?

Just my two cents. Take some more time to think about it if you need to. Good luck on your decision-making.

Jennifer said...

I would do it! The ads can be annoying for sure. But I think it is all in the way the advertising is done. There are some bloggers who manage to lay out their advertising in a way that manages to be esthetically pleasing, ethical and in keeping with their character.

I really don't like those kinds of ads (google ads I think) that pick up on key words that you've said and then put up an ad relating to that.

Good luck with the decision!

sybil law said...

I'm probably the wrong person to ask - I am not a fan of BlogHer. Anytime something becomes "corporate", it starts to suck. In my opinion, obviously.
Plus, I once guest posted for a friend that belongs to BlogHer, and apparently, my post was so offensive to women, they withdrew their ads. Um, hello - I'm a woman.

Julie Curtis said...

Dont worry about the Ads thing (I ignore 'em on principle)

But getting more readers for my favourite Blog? Absolutely...

Just do it (as they say) ;-)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I don't know much about BlogHer including that you have to be invited to join. I'd be torn, too, in your situation. I would love to reach and interact with more people - reading and responding to comments is a big part of why I blog and I admit to a wee bit of envy when I see blogs with hundreds of followers. But I am also adamant about not running ads on my blog, so that would be a big issue for me. Whatever you do will be right for you, though, as long as it's your decision.

Mitch Block said...

If I were a woman and if I were invited to join BlogHer (and your blog is definitely deserving of that honor), I would probably do it. But then again, I might not... Any help?

Can you try it out and just withdraw if you don't like what comes of it?

Anonymous said...

hmmm... wow...

well, first off... you're like pie... can't keep you a secret.

it was and is bound to happen in some way. how many times have people told you... over and over... that you should be published.

i think we all feel it, maria.
bing, too, however much she does or doesn't read your blog.

we just feel it.

having said that, i almost feel like wait! you're our secret! we love you! we love your writing!

but can't keep a good thing to ourselves.

share if you like!

we support you!

ads... i kinda hate them and yes, find them visually distracting because i'm super visual person....

but... we don't read your blog for the layout.

we read for what you write.

listen to your heart.

and if you feel it, go for it.


LizC said...

I'm a bit of a control freak, so I would keep things as is - posting when I wanted and answering to no-one. Plus, I popped onto the BlogHer site and it is just too 'busy' for my taste. Your blog is laid back (from a visual perspective) and I like it. Also, are you able to reconcile your reason for starting this blog in the first place - as a journal you plan to leave for your daughter - with it becoming somewhat of a commercial venture. Ultimately, though it is your call.

Anonymous said...

I would do it. You write well. Why shouldn't you earn some money from your work? Unless you think it might make you censor what you say.

I do hope your writing turns into a book one day.

- Rae

e said...

Tough call, Maria. On the one hand, I love the idea of you reaching a wider audience. You are a gifted writer. On the other hand, I wonder if you would feel constrained about subject matter? If the personal nature of your blog would leave you too exposed? That's what would concern me, if it were my decision.

Good luck, Alpha Woman!

Destingirls said...

Don't forget about us when you are big and famous! Wow, very flattering. I think you should at least try it, you might love it!

lyon de clarasvals said...

Is there a contract or something that says you can't quit blogging with them if you don't like it?

Anonymous said...

I, personally, wouldn't be interested. I don't promote my blog in any way and it is not 'searchable' on the web. I love that I have a few people that read my nonsense but I really do write just for me and if I don't want to post an entry once a week (or a month), I don't have to.

I agree with the person who said that, ultimately, you have to decide what you want your blog to be. The ads probably wouldn't bother me one bit because I think I'm so accustomed to ignoring them anyway.

No matter what you decide, I'll always be here...reading.

BBC said...

I just don't know. I'm human.

But are you a human that is making a difference and making the planet a better place?

Fireblossom said...

Well, since you put it that way...

If I were me, I would run like hell and keep my blog as is.

Miss L said...

i think it's a great idea! ads are a fact of the internet, as long as they're not crazy pop-up video ads (and with the added BONUS that you get to make sure that nothing personally offensive to you gets advertised through your writing), so I would definitely not let that deter you. I don't think, at the end of the day, that the money, while sweet if it comes along, is such a gamechanger. while you and bing have to watch your spending, who doesn't? the real perk, as far as i can see, is that the more well-entrenched your blog is, the more secure your legacy to Liv, which you've many times stated is the primary point of this wonderful journal you write. i think this is an opportunity that will do you good for sure.

Fen said...

me personally, things like blogging and photography for me are hobbies, something I enjoy doing. I think the minute someone wanted me to do it, if there was any sort of timeline/deadline involved it wouldn't be enjoyable anymore. But that's just me. I guess you could give it a go and if it's not for you just revert back to the old way.

Anonymous said...

For me the main thing is that I could still subscribe to your rss-feed.

Rose said...

I think you should go for it, Maria. You are an AMAZING writer, and I agree with Bing on this: you should be published. For sure. And a blog on BlogHer is a great way to promote that end.

And even if you don't want to go that far, you would touch many more people with your words. In this world, more people definitely need to read what you have to say.

I will stay with you no matter what. Ads don't bother me. I stay because I can't imagine life now without "just eat your cupcake" and updates about Maria, Bing, Liv, and Socks. :-)

Earth Muffin said...

Ads have never kept me from reading others' blogs and won't keep me away from yours. You are such a talented writer, you deserve a wide audience and compensation for your abilities.

However, this is a journal for Liv. And a previous commenter made a very valid point...once something goes "corporate", it starts to suck.

I wouldn't even think of telling you what to do. Just...tread carefully and read all the fine print, friend.

the only daughter said...

Another county heard from.
1. Very flattering. Congratulations
2. The ads would bother me. Though, as a reader I generally ignore them, them being there can be distracting. As the author, I might be concerned over content (if I didn't have absolute control). Further, do I want to ad yet another level of what to decide and what not?
3. Wider audience has its pros and cons, as you know.
4. I'll read whatever you write. You are a treasure.
5. Whatever you decide, all the best.