Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another weird dream

I am with Liv and Sven (our old neighbor who we've lost touch with) in the upstairs of some place that I recognize but now, in retrospect, can't put my finger on.

Liv is about 4 and so is Sven. (This is odd because Sven is a decade older than Liv.)

I am trying to put them to bed in small child sized beds.

I look out the window and see Bing in Sven's front yard, chasing a large white dog. The dog is soaking wet. It somehow gets into the house I am in and Bing yells upstairs for me to shut the door so that dog won't get in. In the ways of crazy dreams, I can't seem to get to the door even though it is right next to me. It is bright yellow. The dog comes in and is jumping all over the children.

I am furious because I had almost gotten them to sleep and now I have to do it all over again AND deal with the dog.

The dog disappears (why does that happen in dreams, do you ever wonder?) and I am singing this incredibly durfy song, trying to get them to lay back down.

I see a huge SPIDER. It is as big as the bottom of a frying pan and on the end of each of it's eight legs, there are what look to be large round green peas. The peas make a tapping sound when it walks (even across a bed) and I am not just scared, but TERRIFIED.

I know I am the adult and have to kill the thing, but I am really worried that it will bite Liv, so I somehow grab one of it's legs and start swinging it above my head! (IDIOT!) It crawls down my arm and under my blouse and I am trying to get a hold of it through my blouse. I find one of the pea-like things and crush it. It breaks like a cocoa puff under my fingers. I know that I have disabled it, but I still can't find it.

I keep pretending that nothing is wrong and neither of the children seem upset or worried.

And then...yes...I woke up...with heart pounding, gasping for breath.

Any takers?


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my holy hell!! This is going to haunt me all day. Oh how I wish I didn't read this so early in the morning. :(

Anonymous said...

hmmm... well, given sven's struggles... addiction, etc... and the fact you danced with that one yourself a bit... i would guess that you fear, as parents do, that liv may struggle with same... that whole helplessness we all as parents feel... around all the difficult parts of living... we can't really protect our children from these things because they are part of living... especially they are part of living as adults. as they grow, they become vulnerable to the same stuf we ourselves were and are vulnerable to.

spiders can symbolize craziness, no? mood issues? emotional mood struggles?

liv doesn't sound like someone who will struggle with that! but maybe sven does... thus the lure of drugs as self-medication tool...

you used drugs and sex as numbing agents for emotional pain, mood issues, yes?

lord, am i too out of bounds, maria? it is how i would analyze it, if i had this dream...

it is just tough, i think... to watch them move into adolescence... there's less and less we can do to protect them. the old ways don't work and aren't appropriate.

the durfy songs... etc.

but... all that we put in there... that does work.

all that yoru Da put in you... tho' he left early... has stood you well and helps you every day.

same with all you've given and give Liv (and Sven).

disregard if this rings as off base!


Vinita said...

Have no idea what it signifies - so much happening in the dream...I know that if I ever dreamed of a spider, I'd wake up petrified and praying it never happens again...yikes!! Although I loved that it had peas on its feet that popped like cocoa puffs.

Anonymous said...


Who or what is intruding on your life at the moment? Or on your relationship with Liv? Is there something you don't have enough control over getting in the way? Something that perhaps Bing should have control over?

Is there something that you feel is threatening Livs well-being at the moment, perhaps that she isn't aware of, or something that is worrying you but not her?

I don't know about the other kid you were trying to put to bed, i'd need to know more about him/your relationship with him to try and understand what his role in the dream was, and why he was just a bab too.

Kass said...

You want to revisit an aspect of yourself you've lost touch with. The location and time of this characteristic is fading. You want to preserve Liv at the age she is now. You would like to "put to bed" the circumstances with Liv as they are now - create a sort-of coma. Bing is adding her usual condition of chaos and drama. She interrupts some aspects that you would like to maintain with Liv. The spider is an unkind, sneaky individual or circumstance in your life. The large green pea things on the legs mean he/she/it is becoming more obvious and less sneaky. The pea thing that you smash like a cocoa puff has made the spider louder, but the presence of this thing and the "noise" it makes can be made insignificant. It can go up in a puff, a mist. It might crawl around your body for a while because some aspect of yourself is trying to irritate you into a realization that some issue needs to be addressed.

OK, I tried. Could be totally off-base.

Colorful dream.

sybil law said...

You're nuts.

Oh, and maybe a little stressed about the shit you can't control, but part of you knows you CAN control some things, so you're on the lookout for those things.

Eh - that's my lame guess, anyway.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You need to figure out what the spider represents. Sven and Liv are the same age because you feel maternal toward him, but consciously can only imagine feeling maternal toward Liv, so you have made him more like her. Maybe. The big white dog -- in reality, you have a small black dog, so it may have something to do with opposites. I really love the detail of the pea-like spider part breaking like a cocoa puff. Also, what did you eat tonight?

the cuby poet said...

Now that is a weird dream will be thinking about the spider today! Aaagh......