Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you ever.....?

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and remember a really, really crazy and seemingly important dream and tell yourself that you'll have to tell your spouse about it in the morning and then you go back to sleep and when you wake up in the morning, you've forgotten all but one detail: something obscure like...A BALLOON. And you've lost that important dream.

Do you ever sit staring at the sink at 7 a.m. and trying to remember if you took your multivitamin or not this morning? I mean, if you took it (and you are pretty sure you did), it was only a few moments ago. How can you forget something that you did minutes ago? And then you start worrying that you have Alzheimer's and so, as a mind workout,on the drive to work, you make yourself make up words with the first three letters on every license plate in front of you? Example: PLU=plum. CRT=curtain. DBI=Dublin. EVT=evict.

Do you ever look at yourself in the morning and force yourself to admit that, yes, you DO look a lot like your Mother?

Do you ever feel as if your plants are psychically talking to you? I know this sounds ludicrous but sometimes when I walk by one of my plants, I swear I can feel it asking for water and so I'll stop and stick my finger in the pot to see if it is particularly dry. And it usually is. I water every Saturday, but once in awhile...a plant drinks more than that and needs a little extra.

Do you ever sit stopped at a red light and look around you and wonder at the people around you? Like, that older man in the flannel shirt. Where is he going? Maybe meeting for coffee with his pals? And that women gulping her coffee with hair in a ponytail with three kids AND a dog in the car. Is she dropping everyone off at school and then taking the dog to get a shampoo? Does she feel like, without coffee, she would never be able to sit up properly?

Do you ever look around you and think to yourself: this is now? Think that in thirty years, someone else will be living in this house and never know that you were standing on this spot, at this moment, and wondering what they will be like?

Do you ever run your hand over your lips and wonder what they feel like to your spouse when they kiss you?

Do you ever stroke the cover of a book that you are reading and ponder the author? Wonder how in the world they thought of that story and then put it into perfect words?

What are your do you evers?


Anonymous said...

You are so switched on to the world... it's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever drive by people's houses at night and see the lights on and wonder what is going on inside?

Do you ever look at someone's grocery items on the checkout belt and wonder what they are cooking?

And my hands look exactly like my Mom's and my Grandma's...

sybil law said...

My do you evers are a lot like yours - I like to make up stories for people, imagine what their lives are like. The dream thing makes me INSANE, though, when I can't remember it!
Hope you have a great day!

the only daughter said...

The dream thing, yes. I don't remember dreams generally. But now and again a piece of a dream stays with until morning. Sometimes, I try to scribble the dream (or salient points,anyway) down if I should happen to wake in the middle of the night.

The memory thing, yes.

The mirror, not my mother, but yes.

I wonder if my son or daughter will marry, have children, and / or if I'll be around to experience any / all such events.

And if the Cubs will ever win another World Series.

And if national TV execs will ever give women's sports 1/2 the attention given to men's sports.

And if SHE will be in my next batch of matches. :-)

And more.

LizC said...

Are you trying out for Andy Rooney's old job?
I have to admit to experiencing a few of your 'evers', especially the one about Alzheimer's.

e said...

Feeling a little existential today?

And, yes, definitely.

Fiona said...

Yes to all except the plants. But I do regularly converse with my dog both in my head and outloud.

For licence plates, here we have two alpha and four numeric digits and I can't stop trying to make associations with the numbers. 5234 becomes 5=2+3 and 4 comes after 3.

On being forgetful, I have started calling people by the wrong name (something I remember my mother doing in her later years) and too often lately, have I found myself standing in front of the fridge with a basketful of laundry and having to think about what I do next - i.e. duh go to the washing machine!

I often think of my mother, at my age, and what her life was like compared to mine.

Pawsingtospeak, I always do the shopping cart/checkout belt thing. And because I'm surrounded by apartment blocks I don't need to drive around, but I do sit and look out there and wonder. I love being in countries where you drive by houses, especially as day turns to night and lights start to go on.

Lovely post, Maria, yes to all the things about seeing my mother coming through in me, more than ever even though I look like my father.

Anonymous said...

Yes about the plants.

Some of mine:

do you ever compare yourself now at your age to your mother, father, aunt, grandmother, etc. at the same age? do you ever imagine your child at that age?

do you ever experience time as a circle and you drop down thru to the exact same spot on the circle to a different year - say, Oct 20 in 1968 or 78 and remember something from that time?

do you experience synethesia? my daughter and i do with colors and numbers yet i didn't she did till a few years ago. all those years i just thought only i did!

do you ever have a sense of when you'll die? i do and sometimes i think about it and then i feel like i'm being negative, especially as the old mom of a fairly young child, and i try to switch out to something more positive.

do you ever try to work things out in your mind with those you've had or have conflicts with? try to send them good energy, forgiveness, understanding?

do you ever find yourself attracted to something you hate? i like reading meat recipes tho' i rarely eat meat. always have!

do you ever travel back in time and try to see what was around you? oh yeah, that was really a bar i was hanging out in. when i played the juke box, who else was sitting there? oh yeah, those were cheap, stucco apartments. oh yeah, that was really just two blocks tho' it felt like two miles...


Sandra said...

OMG I totally do that thing at the red light. I wonder what their lives are like and what they talk about at the dinner table. It's almost like I can't believe other people have actually's a very existential thought, and honestly, I need a nap after I have it.

the cuby poet said...

I wonder what occupation the people that you encounter on a train have. Can you tell by their behaviour and attire? You won't ask them so therefore you will never know.i am going to be a follower of this blog and add you to my blogs I like. :)

Mitch Block said...

Yes to almost every one of your "do you evers," but a definite NO to the license plate exercise. Now that's a little scary! I love this post, but I'm not as clever as you. Your "do you evers" are much better than what I can come up with!

Jim said...

Do you ever think that a blogger is writing about YOU and wonder how she knew all that stuff about you?
Great post, clever Maria!

Jamie said...

Now I'm thinking about all of your do you evers!

poet said...

always enjoy reading. i do a lot of do you evers....might need to just write my own post about it. thanks for a topic. have a great weekend.