Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I will be VERY crabby tomorrow if Scotty doesn't win IDOL tonight. I swear that I get a toothache just watching Lauren. She looks like she should be on Toddlers in Tiaras. And GOD...did they pimp her out last night or what? I kept waiting for the IDOL crown to come wafting down from the rafters and land on her head.

And just for the record. There is NO such thing as a blown vocal cord. I have no idea what that idiot of a md was smoking before he came out onstage to diagnose her blown vocal cord but I have plenty of medical knowledge and trust me, it is NOT a medical term.

And crass can one get by singing some cheesy "I love mommy" song on the final night of singing. I kept thinking that they were going to have to haul Lauren's mother away in an ambulance. And of course, all the other mothers in the audience were dropping like flies. Not this mother. I looked over at Liv and said, "I swear to god, if you are ever on IDOL and you pick some cheese butt song to sing with a camera on me, I WILL spank you on live national television."

As far as I'm concerned, it was pretty much over when James Durbin was voted out. But someone at work told me that Judas Priest is supposed to sing with him tonight on the finale and I am SO down with that, motherfuckers.

And, keep an eye out for Lee DeWyze, of course. I heard that he wasn't invited to sing which sucks the big one, but okay fine. I just want to look at his visage. I am pretty sure that his clingy ass girlfriend will be with him since she pretty much attaches herself to his hip whenever she can get in camera range, but hey...I will just ignore her because I CAN be nice.

As Liv and I were discussing the possibility of big haired Lauren stealing the IDOL crown away from Scotty tonight, Bing looked over at me and rolled her eyes.

"I never thought I would see the day when YOU of all people became an IDOL fan," she said sadly.

I nodded at her. I am sort of stunned at my pathetic behavior too. But, you know...I gotta be me, dude. I gotta be me.

Seriously, folks...James Durbin was SO robbed. And watch IDOL just to see Lee DeWyze's hair. It will be worth your night....


MaMaMia said...

i have to admit that i've been calling scotty "duggar" this whole series and that his scoop-style of hitting every beginning of every phrase grinds on my nerves, but he is far outdone by lauren. omg, cannot stand this girl. eff. i couldn't agree with you more. won't be watching the finale tonight, but will hope to catch it later thanks to dvr. hopefully we won't be forced to vomitt.

sybil law said...

Yeah... I don't watch so this means nothing to me, beyond the Judas Priest thing. :)

That corgi :) said...

since I'm on the west coast, I'm still watching it as I'm typing this comment. Lady Gaga is performing, I want to be her when I grow up, LOL.

Okay, I'm cheesy, but Lauren's song did me in last night, I was a basket case after it, missing my mom

I agree, I really wanted James to win it! he did great with Judas Priest!


Earth Muffin said...

I don't watch Idol, never have. I got into it briefly when Alison Irahita (sp?) was on, saw her sing "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and she blew me away. Then she got voted off and it turned me off to ever watching the show again. I did see this morning that your guy won, so yay! I guess.

Camlin said...

I agree - James was robbed. And it bothers me that Hailey's songs from two weeks ago were so much more challenging than Scotty's and Lauren's.

Between the two of them my vote was for Scotty. He has a beautiful voice, even though he can't sing harmony to save his life. In the end I primarily see this as a lesson in what happens when 8-13 year olds get to vote.....

C said...

thank god scotty won!

should have been james, though.