Friday, April 15, 2011

Sore loser.

Pissed off. Royally.

I can't believe they voted off MY guy.

Paul McDonald.

I just want to spank every last one of you.

Which is kind of hypocritical since I don't even vote.


Why are Jacob and Stefano still around and Paul is not?

Any other American Idol lunatics out there?


Mark said...

Man, I feel so left out. Apparently, I am the only person left on earth who doesn't watch this show. What the hell is wrong with me? I mean, besides the obvious.

ChiTown Girl said...

Sorry, I've never seen one single episode of AI in all the years it's been on. Can we still be friends?

Solo said...

Yes, GOOD HELL, Maria!
This is the first time I've really followed AI since Kelly Clarkson and I was sooooo certain that Paul was the guy this year.

And what about HALEY?? Her GENDER is keeping her on the show??

Good grief. said...

im here maria, and im mad too!! i loved paul, but love all of them, well cept for stepano, he should of went. and holly isnt my fave either. but i love all the rest. i dont know, america isn't doing a very good job, they should give it back to the judges if you want my opinion! and pia? poor lil thing...watching from the audiance and people with signs saying bring pia back!!! it was too much! but i think she will have a recording contract real soon from someone. with her voice, it was too good. have a good weekend and don't let it get you down.

Linda@VS said...

I've been hooked on AI since Season 1. As much as I enjoyed looking at Paul, I'm kind of leaning toward James, though nobody this season has moved me enough to vote.

Have you seen the videos of Paul with his band, the Grand Magnolias? I like these songs much better than what he's done on Idol.
The Grand Magnolias

Also, to really qualify as an AI lunatic, you need to know about this website:


C said...

OH YEAHHHHH, he wasnt me fave BUT i was pissed off when pia got the bootie..


and i dont vote either! bwahaha stefano GAGS me with a spoon! he needs to GO.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I am a Paul fan as well. I actually thought of you last night when he was voted off. I have voted a few times, but I didn't on Wednesday night. I'm sure if was all my fault he was voted off. Oh well. At least he will be at the idol concert which I'm sure I'll be attending with my daughters.

Val said...

Um... I must disagree with you, Maria, with all due respect. Paul sounds like he's on helium ALL OF THE TIME! Only one singer should have a voice like that- Rod Stewart and Rod, at least, could dance. What ARE those movements Paul does as he moves about the stage???

I think that Jakob has an amazing voice... Stefano? great hair, but that's about it... I like Lauren.

I wanted Paul to go, but wanted Haley to go first! :)

Also, not so sure about Casey...
very interesting group this year, for sure.
Jeez... I think i'm going to have to do a blog post about this, now that I've been ranting in your comments section!!! :)

enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should go home, and Pia should just win the whole thing. Im sooooo disapointed. That girl had unbelievable talent. Regardless, she will go very far in the music industry.

As for Paul, Im amazed he hung around this long. He never really had anything going for him. His voice is just.....ANNOYING. I do not care for Scotty either. Can he possibly do something with that country accent???? Im in the South, the bible belt, and I can pronounce words properly. LORD.

As of now...Im team LAUREN.

Camlin said...

Paul was robbed. Stefano should have gone home a few weeks ago, and he's still hanging around. I still love James and Casey the best, but Paul's been growing on me, ever since I realized that he's at his very best with a guitar in his hands, and that's what he was missing early on.

KMae said...

Paul never did it for me. I'm sure he's a nice person & all... But NO. Sorry I disagree. No offense.