Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Any other fans out there?

I have watched LOST from day one. I never wavered until last year when it started to feel like someone was messing with me....

I watched, but I was a cranky viewer. I was becoming weary of the fact that instead of getting questions answered, I seemed to have more of them each week.

Still, I watched.

I really became sick of Jack. I am not a Jack fan. I get tired of his limpid, moist eyes, his hero stance. I fell a little bit in love with Sawyer. Now, that is a man who would be worth tangling with, I thought. And yes, he fell into my weak slot: a bad boy with a good heart. Sayid, Desmond, and Miles made my heart skip a bit too, but not like Sawyer.

I liked Kate at first and then cooled on her when she started sporting those limpid, moist Jack peepers. Juliet replaced her and for a long time, she was my favorite, even trumping Sawyer.

Mr. Eko left too soon. But, in retrospect, it was probably for the best. Mr. Eko, I sensed, was limpid, moist eye material and I was glad he was gone before he succumbed.

I want to know what the hell happened to Claire. I think I DESERVE to know, since I have been a loyal fan.

Why doesn't Richard Alpert age? Will someone please clear that up for me?

Will Jin and Sun ever reunite? Because, seriously, I want them to. Real bad.

Why did Daniel get tossed off so quickly? I was just getting to really like him and then, ZAP! he was gone.

What is John Locke's purpose? I am ready for him to stop strutting around being everyone's moral compass and wise man. I want to see why he was chosen.

I was okay with Hurley. Ben gave me the eebie jeebies. He has those beady eyes that look like he is going to go off like the devil in a church any second.

I have questions, people, and seriously, they need to be answered. And I am warning you right fucking now that if you end this show by saying that it was all a dream that Jack had, I will find you and hurt you.

What exactly IS the smoke monster?

Who built all those statues?

How does the wheel work exactly? And more importantly, what the hell are the significance of those damn numbers?

I want this all cleared up.

I also want Sawyer to lose all of his shirts and be forced to walk around without one, just wearing a pair of jeans. I would be okay if that happened to Juliet too. I know that she is supposedly dead, but I think a naked dream sequence would be nifty.

Mostly, I think you have some 'splainin' to do.

I will watch tonight as I have for many years. Bing and Liv started out LOST fans, too. They strayed. Not me. I remained loyal even if it was against my better judgment at times.

Prove me right.


Reward me for being a loyal viewer.

I want to believe, I really do.


Karen said...

Don't watch it, but this is the 4th blog which I clicked on today that discussed it! Hope it is great!

LL Cool Joe said...

I've never seen Lost,and your description of the program probably explains why! :D

fairydogmother said...

Seriously! On all counts. I have all of these questions and more...not that I really expect all of my questions to be answered. And I might have to settle for just finding out what happened to Claire & what the deal is with her & Jack's father and Jacob... But that brings me to my ultimate frustration with LOST - one question leads immediately to the next, which is exactly why I have watched every single episode, and also exactly why at the end of many episodes I found myself exclaiming how much I hate the show. And yet, I can't stop tuning in.

It better be worth it. I really hope they don't let us down!

Wine and Words said...

Sawyer makes me hot...if only he would de-grease his hair. I want to see him in a Calvin Klein commercial. Oooooo baby. Come to momma. I'm with you. Answer some damn questions for once. It is the last season after all...isn't it?

the only daughter said...

I'm Lost but I hope you're supplied with answers to your questions!

Shan said...

Come on Maria! Stay with us! Remember the title and know that you are supposed to feel that way. I'll admit I quit trying to figure stuff out a while ago, but it doesn't keep it from being riveting television.

I'm supposed to go to a LOST season premiere tonight and eat our friend John's "Oh boy" waffles while watching. It looks like instead I'll be a tae kwon do kid's driver and school night house marm. Oh well, waffles or no, I'll be glued to the Sawyer, I mean screen by 8.

trinity2 said...

You and everybody else, Maria. I followed diligently until last season and then I got pissed that instead of answering questions they repeated the same damn sequence or scenes from the previous seasons. I felt like I was watching reruns all over again. And, when they broke up that one season - airing it for 6 weeks and waiting another 6 before they aired the remaining - well, I was LOST by then. And so, LOST is lost to me.

e said...

I gave up on Lost quite a few seasons ago. Sounds like the same crazy shit is still rumbling around in endless circles... enjoy!

Jill said...

I've never seen it actually. And even with all the hype I still don't really have any desire to... I'm sure they'll be fine without me. :-)

iamheatherjo said...

I've never watched the show and the only time I had a glimmer of interest was when I found out a guy I had liked from Smallville was on there. His character was Boone. And just as quickly as I found out he was on LOST, he was gone. I know he's on the Vampire Diaries now, but as much as I like vampire stories, I have no interest in that program because it seems a bit too much like that other vampire "saga" I have no interest in. ;)

I hope your show doesn't disappoint you and that you get the answers you're looking for, Maria!

Earth Muffin said...

Haven't watched it...yet. A friend has loaned us the first 2 seasons on DVD, but I'm having a hard time convincing Mr. EM to give it a try. He is very skeptical about new TV shows, I don't know why. Hope you enjoy it!

tracer123 said...

Lost is silly.

That is all.

alphaact said...

Maria, I'm ready to argue with you on the subject of who's the biggest LOST fan out here :D. Bring it on, girl! I'm nuts for LOST, I've been insane for two or three weeks now because of the final season coming up. I want it real bad.

And yes, I was also mightily irritated last season and the one before that because there are no answers, just more questions, constant cliffhangers, stupid Jack, Kate. I do like Sawyer, Sayid and Desmond (yea, I'm a lesbian... supposedly), although Sawyer has become too lovey dovey lately... Ok, stop me now as I could go on and on!

(Oh, and I love to hate Ben.)

Except for this one thing. Like I said, I got the LOST-craziness bug in the last couple of weeks, but then they had the screening of the first episode last Saturday and somebody streamed that online, so I watched it and... it was boring. It could be because it's the first episode and that's why on TV they decided to air two at once and make it a two-hour premiere. (Which I'm only going to watch tonight, Wednesday, as we, people outside the US, have to suffer for one day before we see something.) So this first episode has put a damper on my excitement. Don't get me wrong, I'm still eager to find out how it ends, just not crazy eager. For now. It could change already tonight. But the ending better be fucking awesome, I better not feel like I wasted several years of my life on a stupid-ending show.


LizW said...

I have stuck with Lost since the beginning. It helps me tremendously that my daughter and niece watch it with me and keep me on track with the characters and storylines. I couldn't agree with you more about Jack's character - and last season's beard was almost the last straw. However, like you, Sawyer and Juliet eased the pain somewhat. I also like Desmond and want to see Jin and Sun make it. By now, you've probably seen this week's double episode. It posed a lot more questions than it answered, I think. But at least we know this show has a specific end point and hopefully all will be revealed before then.

Rose Vanden Eynden said...

I *so* enjoyed the premiere, Maria! We became fans over the summer by watching all of the eps on DVD. (I know, cheating to you die-hard fans, but still! I'm now caught up and dying like the rest of you!)

All I can say is (so no spoilers are here): they're DAMN LUCKY they didn't kill off my favorite character!

Here's my take: Jack and Kate belong together--in your words, they can be moist-eyed together! Wouldn't that be grand? Then Juliet can come back from the dead and be with Sawyer, and Miles can mediate for them, since he's a medium. Or Hurley, since he sees dead people, too.

And yes--Jin and Sun BETTER get to be together again! The yearning is killing me!

I could definitely go for that shirtless Sawyer thing you were talking about. If Sayid joined in, I'd be even happier! And the icing on the cake would be shirtless Desmond reading a book out loud in that Scottish accent of his. *swoon*

Oh, sorry....

I'll be following LOST right along with you, dear. :-)