Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Thanks to all for responding to that last post. I was overwhelmed and so impressed with y'all. And got some ideas for good books to read, good movies to see...

Ok...I have another one to throw out there.

Roman Polanski.

What do you think about this guy?

I know exactly where I stand, but I am willing to keep an open mind.

I think he stinks.

I am wondering how anyone anywhere could EVER think it was okay to ply a thirteen year old child with drugs and then fuck her in the ass.

I don't care if her parents weren't around and should have been.

I don't care if it was consensual (although most reports state that it was not and honestly, when a child is drug riddled, she is hardly up to consenting to anything.)

It is just WRONG to do this.

It is our job as adults to protect children, not hurt them.

And it is NEVER, EVER okay to do what he did. Not under any circumstances, ever.

I also don't care if the assault took place decades ago. So the fuck what?

I don't care if Woody Allen, Martin Scorcese, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Weinstein, Salmon Rushdie and Mike Nichols think it should all be water under the bridge and hey, let's let bygones be bygones.

He gave a 13 year old girl drugs and then sexually assaulted her.

This was wrong.

Adults need to stand up to protect children from other adults like this.

Now, I have a question for you. What if that were your daughter, your niece, your student, your daughter's best friend, the little girl next door?

But, like I said, I will try hard to be open minded.

Any takers?


jelly said...

He's gross and I personally don't care how good his movies were (and I'm talking back in the day, I mean, what has he done recently?)
He sexually abused a teen girl...and he should be punished under the law.

We are here to protect our kids, and I don't care if it was a zillion years ago, he should not be allowed back in the country.


Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Nice to meet you btw!

Terroni said...

I think that anyone who thinks this is no big deal is just asking to be drugged and fucked up the ass by Roman Polanski.

Bend over, Woody.

EDW said...

It's completely insane that ANYONE would defend him. If he was an average citizen, those same people would not be defending him. He drugged and rapes a CHILD.

Raven said...

What's fascinating is that these sexual sins of prominent (and not-so prominent) folk/institutions are rapidly coming to light. This will be happening more and more in the next few years. None of us are immune to Justice--and I have a whole theory that this is a direct result of the Divine Feminine rising in power.

Leah said...

I agree with you and I can't be openminded on this one either.

weese said...

ha... I love your open mindedness.

Anonymous said...

I think Roman should get what he gave, if you follow my thinking. Let some burly cellmate give him some drugs and have "consensual" sex with him, and then let's ask Roman if he wants to revise his opinion.

I won't pretend to be open-minded or even rational on this topic. He raped a child. Life in prison wouldn't be nearly enough punishment.

So far, the only person in Hollywood who seems to make any sense on this topic is Chris Rock. When did he become our voice of reason?


Anonymous said...

Does Roman Polanski honestly not think he did anything wrong? When he goes to prison and gets raped up the ass, is he going to be okay with that?

I understand that Roman had a shitty childhood, his wife and child were murdered but none of that excuses what he did. He needs to stand up and take responsibility for what he did wrong. And his "friends" should be supporting him to take full responsibility.

It can't really come as a surprise though, in a world where everyone tries to weasel out of taking responsibility, bankers, presidents, you get my drift.

amusings_bnl said...

I think if Roman gets off the hook for what he did to a 13 yr old girl that his wife's killers all should be released, allowed to go home.... let bygones be bygones.

I wonder how he'd feel if that quid pro quo was thrown down.

and i agree - he stinks. he fled a sentence that was a cakewalk. there was no "register as a sex offender" thing back in the day. had he done his time for his crime, that would have been water under the bridge.

and having been raped at age 8 by a 16 year old neighbor (he used a GI joe doll, pinned me down, and told me that if i told my mom it would ruin her life because his mom was her best friend... and my mom had no other friends) I think that men of any age who do things like this are the scum of the earth.

thanks for asking the question maria. a 13 year old girl who has parents who don't look out for her and offer her up for things like this also suck. they all suck.

and whether or not you believe in God, the only thing I can hold on to sometimes is that they will get theirs, and boy, will they be sorry.

Trini said...

I am amazed at all these Hollywood people coming out in support of him.
I can't understand what they are thinking. Even if you take away the alcohol and the drug that he supposedly gave her, this remains;

He had sex with a child and he pled guulty to it.

Then he ran.

The people that are talking about his "exile" like it was in any way comparable to serving his time in jail??

I call Bullshit.

Just my 2 cents...

Karen said...

The funny thing is that if he wasn't "talented" we wouldn't even be having this discussion! He is felon who fled sentencing. Why are we even having a debate about this?

So that is my opinion. :-)

e said...

Absolutely wrong. He should go to prison. There are no mitigating circumstances whatsoever. Rape is rape, I don't care how famous or misunderstood you are. Your personal history does not give you the right to rape a child.

I am disgusted with the Hollywood big shots who are defending him - especially the women. Tilda? Whoopi? WTF?!?!? Child rape is ok in your book???

Sick fucker.

Wine and Words said...

I'd make him bend over and fuck him in the ass with the nearest telephone pole, which I could pull from the ground with my bare hands full of fury.

Trop said...

I agree all the way. Lock him up with the predators.

Kat said...

Oh you have touched a nerve here - as the mother of a recently turned 14 y/o girl I am infuriated by this case. No 13 y/o could ever consent to what was done to this child.

He drugged then raped a child, he pled guilty to it and then fled prior to sentencing and has remained a fugitive for over 30 years. We should throw the book at him.

And every time I hear, it wasn't a rape/rape, she was promiscious, it was a different era, he's had a hard life or whatever other excuse they try to sell, it makes me want to scream.

Earth Muffin said...

Wholeheartedly agree with you.

Anonymous said...

One word: Dexter

the only daughter said...

I'm with you 100000% That not a rape rape bs is one of the most asinine arguments I've ever heard.

The entire episode makes me ill.

blech, to RP and all those folks sticking up for his sleezy arse.

Shawna Martin said...

Ok here's the deal.

He's a criminal and he should do the time.

I have become very adept at separating the art from the artist. I don't have to like an artist as a person, or even respect them as a human being to recognize good or great art that they produce. Picasso was by many accounts a misogynist who treated his wives and lovers shabbily. Woody Allen has some creepy shit knocking around in his psyche. Michael Jackson, say no more.

That said I don't have a problem with recognizing that Roman Polanski has made some amazing movies, but is still a rapist.

A rapist who admitted his crime and now needs to serve the time. There is no statute of limitations on rape. Period.

Also I am very much over listening to news broadcast in which the incident is referred to as "having sex with a minor." What happened and what Polanski confessed to was not having sex. IT WAS RAPE. You cannot "have sex" with a minor because a minor cannot consent and as soon as it is non-consensual, it becomes rape.

Broadcasters need to stop excusing perps like Polanski with their syntax because they are too squeamish to name the crime -- rape.

Avril Fleur said...

What do I think? I think he's scum. Pure and simple. But the worst kind who can hide behind his money and rich and powerful friends and lawyers and make everyone forget about the rights of his victim and feel sorry for him because he's gotten away with his crime for so long, he feels like it should be long forgotten. But we should NEVER, EVER forget crimes against the helpless and vulnerable. Consensual sex with anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol is a crock, especially a child. Lock him up and throw away the key. That's what I think.

Eric said...

Of course Woody supports him...but I am inclined to be open minded on this one.
For instance, should he be tossed into prison to be butt-raped himself, or just punched in the dick until his ass falls out?
So many options.
Yeah, he's a douche of the worst kind and I'm glad it's finally caught up with him.

Gypsy said...

Castrate the little bastard. He's an evil little swine and I cannot believe ANYONE would defend such a despicable act.

Miss Healthypants said...

Um, I so totally agree with you on this one. That's all I have to say. :)

C said...

hah i posted about this on my blog too, a few posts back... he is an ass-hole. if he wasnt famous with alot of money and involved with the whole sharon tate murders, he would be treated just like any other pedophile..... i am disgusted. but we all are. will that help in this situation? fuck no, because everyone knows OJ did it and now everyone knows roman did it but he will probly get off too.
killers, fuckers, & pedophiles with money = the new celebrities.

yep, thats our world, innit?


amazonfm said...

Whilst I would like to make a comment about Polanski 'getting what's coming,' I am more concerned about the affront to all women that this is. It isn't alright to regard a 13 year old girl as an 'experiment' in your 'exploration of your sexual practices,' get caught, and then run away.
Women are not things to be toyed with, and neither are girls.

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments I see that I am the only one who thinks differently on this issue. Polanski has done his time. Let it go. Even the adult 13 year old says the same thing. She's the one it happened to, and if she is supporting Polanski, I will too. Maybe its the psychologist in me, but I have to remember that his wife and unborn child was murdered by Manson. That has to have some psychological ramifications attached to what he did. Someone said we should let Manson free if Polanski gets off. I would agree, but Manson doesnt want to be free. Manson said that BEFORE they paroled him in the first place. Susan Atkins should have been released before she died. She should have been able to spend her last days alive with her family, but she died in prison.

Polanski was arrested for what he did. He was let go. He didnt run. They let him go. Now, they want him back because they think his sentence was too short all these years later. How can we punish someone so much later for what happened so many years ago? That is unfair.

I am not saying that Polanski should be justified in what he did. He was wrong. What he did was sick. If it had been my daughter, there would have never been a court case because I would have tracked him down myself and sodomized him before killing him.

MmeBenaut said...

Absolutely agree with you. He should have been locked up for a very long time, not a short one. Retrospective law is very hard to apply but it can be done. We are having a series of trials for child abuse going back to the 1960's at the moment here in Australia.

muralimanohar said...

Well, I was going to say, not open-minded at ALL; but now I think I will just agree with Eric. :p It tells you something about the disconnect from reality that Hollywood lives in, when you have these people not even realizing how lowdown shameful it is that they are standing in support.