Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yahoo Yippity.

I am so excited! It's almost time for this:

I never thought that I would like Dexter. I saw ONE show and I was hooked. It is right next door to brilliant. Right up there with The Wire and The Sopranos. I always find myself riveted and then out of nowhere, the black humor just reaches out and grabs me.

I like having one show per night to watch. I am an unashamed Survivor junkie and have been for years. But, now there is a new show (something like Flash Forward?) that looks like it might be good.

Liv, Bing and I all watch Heroes and Lost.

Bing wants to try this new show called Modern Family, but I dunno, it looks a bit cutesy. We'll see.

We watched True Blood all summer long and now it is over until the Spring.

There is some new show with that guy from Moonlight that looks kind of interesting, but the truth is that I will only watch it to see him. And it might be another hospital drama. I tend to snort at those. Anyone who has ever worked in a hospital knows that they are incredibly hokey. Really. There is not THAT much drama in a hospital. If there was, we would never get our work done.

There is also The Office, (I like Jim. I love Jim. I want to work with Jim) 30 Rock, (It doesn't get better than Tina Fey. It just doesn't) and of course, we all gather around for The Amazing Race every Sunday. I think I would kick ass on that show and Survivor if I wasn't dependent on medicine to keep me alive. I somehow think that it wouldn't fly if I had to have my shot of insulin daily or my methotrexate.

So, what are your favorites. And please don't tell me that you don't watch television. That's right up there with the whoppers that you and your spouse never fight (someone actually wrote to me and said that if their spouse gave them the cold shoulder, they would look for someone else and I just hooted....because they would last for like...ten minutes...with me) or that you don't pee in the shower.

Fess up, y'all.


Shan said...

OH MY WORD! Dexter is now on the must see list! I saw that advertised with him holding a baby and got a totally different impression. Of course I was intrigued anyway because I loved that guy in Six Feet Under. I don't have Showtime so it could be a while before I get to see that one.

I must watch So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars(because I just know I missed my true calling). Any time they are on they rule me!

Lost is a must see.

The others I for sure make time for are things like Project Runway, and the guilty pleasures Millionaire Match Maker(though I never catch it), and The Real Housewives of whatever(I enjoy the spectacle I suppose).

Yes, I am fairly shallow with my tv. It is my blank stare time that I enjoy so much.

I used to watch ER moons ago but Grey's Anatomy annoyed me from the get go with all of their sitting around in the halls of the hospital while they chatted. GET TO WORK PEOPLE!!! ;)

And Maria, I'm sorry but I would only pee in the shower if I was incontinent. And, we don't really fight but I've thrown many a cold shoulder in my day and so has he. :D

Rose said...

Oh, God, how I loved DEXTER! We don't have cable TV, so I watch them on DVD. I'm in the middle of Season 3, and I can't wait for Netflix to deliver my next disc. It's such a great show, and Michael C. Hall makes a fascinating and charming serial killer. The books are quite good, too, but the storylines are pretty different from the show.

We started watching LOST over the summer as a family on DVD from the beginning, and now we're hooked on that. We have to catch up with all of Season 5 so we can start watching the last season when it airs in January.

I have fallen in love with GLEE and can't wait now for Wednesday nights. It's the theatre geek in me, I know, and there are some really hysterical lines written in there.

I watch 24 every year, but honestly, I was sick of it after the dismal middle seasons. I love Jack's character, but I was actually hoping they'd kill him so I wouldn't have to care anymore. We'll see how this season goes.

We've been watching DVDs of GHOST HUNTERS that a friend leant to me, and I've been enjoying those. Go figure for me, right?

I loved PUSHING DAISIES and am very sad that it's no longer on. Good for Kristin Chenoweth--she still won an Emmy.

I'm kind of interested in the new show FLASH FORWARD, too, but I work on Thursday nights, so I probably won't see it. We don't own a TIVO or DVR, either, which I'm thinking needs to change.

Enjoy your TV viewing! :-)

deb said...

Big Bang Theory is my favorite. I don't watch much TV anymore. My husband monopolizes the remote, so I just disappear and read.

Chris said...

ahhhhhh TV. my favorite. I, too, apologize to no one for my adoration of Survivor, and my goodness we are heavy on the hot this go round...the hot and the evil with that one devil man. I can't really do medical shows anymore...although I did watch Grey's for a long time...but for the most part, they are just like work to me. I hear the medical words, my brain goes into work mode. I think 30-Rock and The Office are brilliance. I am very excited about Flash Foward.

But my real weakness is that damn Food Network and Bravo. If it has the word 'challenge' in it and it involves making pretty things, chances are I'm going to watch it.

I'm ready for LOST, but more than that, I think I'm just ready to wrap LOST up already. I love it and all, but approaching done real quick.

My favorite comedy is the New Adventures of Old Christine. I embarass myself snorting on that show.

So, yeah. I love me some TV.

The Crow said...

In an economic cleansing of things I can do without in order to have money for food and fuel oil (and blogging), I let my Comcast television service go last spring. I thought I didn't have TV. Then my grandson and daughter moved in with me and he found that we have ScyFy and National Geographic. NatGeo comes in perfectly clear, so it is my favorite channell.

And I never said I don't pee in the shower.


Fusion said...

I've watched all the seasons of Survivor and TAR (The Amazing Race), with the exception of the ones shown whilst living in the land down under. My best friend's wife is an event planner who does the west coast wrap parties for TAR, and she has gotten to know many of the racers (they go to church with one of the winning couples even), Phil, and the producers.
I always watch NCIS, The Ghost Whisperer, and Damages. My GF and I just discovered Dark Blue as well. I'll be checking out Stargate Universe next month, although I'm sure it won't be as good as Galactica was.
And while my GF and I both happily admit we pee in the shower, we do not fight, really we don't. And in my almost 25 years of marriage I only had two times I can remember where my wife and I had major disagreements, but even then we didn't really yell at each other.
Hoot if you must, but it's the truth...

Julie Curtis said...

So, what are your favorites. And please don't tell me that you don't watch television.

But ... But I dont (really)

That's right up there with the whoppers that you and your spouse never fight

But ... I dont (ok, I dont actually have a spouse...which probably helps)

or that you don't pee in the shower.

Awww Crap ... ya got me ;-)

And Honestly, I no longer watch the box but I used to Love
The West Wing (well ok, even thats not really true ... I actually used to lust after Rob Lowe for 42 minutes per week ... Rowwrrrrr)

LL Cool Joe said...

I haven't seen any of the programmes you've listed, not one!

I don't watch TV, sorry. What's even more irritating is that my partner runs a large TV company here in the UK and I still don't watch tv.

Oh and I don't ever shower, so I don't pee in it either.

So there, shoot me!

Karen said...

I like Dexter also. But I am reality and crime show junkie. So Law & Order, CSI, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, Top Chef. Those are my shows. I don't like Heros or Lost because they are too Sci-Fi for me.

I am really interested in seeing The Good Wife this season. Looks great to me.

weese said...

for reasons i can't quite fathom we missed the 3rd season of Dexter. We are now catching up so that we can begin this new season (we'll probably be a little behind..but with DVR and OnDemand...we'll be good)
I kinda liked True Blood - but it was a little soap opera-ish. and some of the characters didn't resonate for me.
(my wife disliked it...too much gore)
I love cable series. I am waiting for HBO to come out with a new one.
Did you watch Nurse Jackie? That was awesome.

Miss Healthypants said...

I love love love Dexter, too! :) And like you, I never thought I'd like it. A show about a serial killer, for positive little Miss Healthypants? I don't think so!--and yet I love it so much! :) The main actor (I'm terrible with names) is phenomenal, and I love the dark humor, too. It's amazing to think about, too, how even a serial killer has some kind of moral sense! :)

I also love The Office & 30 Rock, and I really liked the first episode of the new show "Community"--hilarious! :)

Plus "Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother" crack me up.

Oh, and I love "Supernanny." *hee hee* I call it "research" for future motherhood (God willing).

I watch too many shows! :)

Val said...

ooh first commenter... oooh!!!

LOVE Dexter!
Looking forward to "modern Family" but hope that the gay couple is likeable... they look kinda goofy.

Blazer said...

Okay, I have to admit that I have never watched Dexter (I guess I will need to start with Season 1 on OnDemand and give it a try). I am a Law and Order addict (the original and SVU). I will sit and watch L&O and SVU marathons on weekends when I know that I have seen the episodes at least a dozen times each. I am also a House fan (not for hospital drama but more for the asshat factor...oh and to look at "13").

Avril Fleur said...

Okay, I so do NOT pee in the shower!! lol! Ewww!

As for TV hubby and I MUST watch Big Brother every summer. We like Survivor, but haven't watched every season. We like Big Love on HBO, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor(ette). Mostly so-called "reality" TV, that of course is nowhere remotely close to reality! We like to laugh at the people who choose to put themselves in front of the cameras voluntarily and make fools of themselves! Yeah, we can be mean! lol

Heather said...

We watch The Biggest Loser, Heroes, Survivor, and The Big Bang Theory Together. I also watch Dancing With the Stars and I've recently started watching Glee, which I freaking love!

Wine and Words said...

Oh how I love Dexter. I quote him all the time. But we don't have that channel so I have to netflix the season after the fact. HARSH! I'm telling ya....watch The Cleaner on A&E. We watch a lot of the same shows, so maybe, just maybe you will love it like I do.

jenny said...

Lost and ER but hasnt ER finished? love Dexter but think I'm only one and a half series in so have to catch up, Jon bought it on dvd but we havnt had time to watch it. I like Medium but not entirely convinced on the casting. I have less and less time to watch tv, I find myself on the computer doing pta stuff or talking to Jon on msn and then realising how late it is and staggering to bed!

Leah said...

Yes, why is it that people always say they don't watch tv? I don't buy it either.

I loved this past season of "True Blood." I will happily try "Dexter" on your rec--"The Wire" was incredible, I agree.

Hospital dramas are just as ridiculously unrealistic as cop dramas (although I admit to loving the latter).

But I must admit that, more than anything, I tend to watch a lot of TVLand, old sitcoms. I find their brainlessness comforting...

liz said...

I watched the first episode of the new season (of Dexter) last night and I can just tell it's going to be another great season.

Eric said...

I'm usually watching something to do with food or cooking. While I was in NY last year I was at a bar near the Culinary Institute of America and a bunch of culinary students were in there watching "Top Chef", you would've thought it was the Super Bowl with all the cheering and booing.
I'm not that bad, but TV conversations around here do tend to revolve around "Iron Chef", or what Alton Brown did with yogurt the other night.
I did catch a couple of episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" though the other night and I'm hooked.
Since I don't have a spouse or girlfriend I argue with my kids, or my dog. He's a dick.
And I thought only guys peed in the shower.

jyankee69 said...

Damn...I knew I was missing a lot being over here...even with satellite TV... ha! I still watch all the CSI series and Dr House...when I was in the US for that one month I watched all the cooking shows... Iron Chef, Chopped, next Food Network Star etc...

the only daughter said...

Though I don't have Showtime (or HBO) anymore I find a way to watch:
Nurse Jackie
United States of Tara
On Non-Premium channels I like
Top Chef
Real Housewives (Atlanta & NY)
Flipping Out
Iron Chef
The Closer
Saving Grace
All the Law & Orders
The Office
30 Rock
Burn Notice
CSI the original, don't care for
Miami or NY versions
and sports women's soccer, women's babe (basket)ball, football,select tennis, & women's 9 ball tourneys. Oh, and synchornized swimming. Ok, kidding.
about the swimming. But, during the Olympics... "Back the Bid"

Terroni said...

I actually don't have a television. But, I won't claim I don't watch tv. Lately, I've been watching Glee on Wednesday nights with a fellow intern, Blake, and his boyfriend, Evan. It's a show that's best enjoyed with people who really, really like group dance numbers. Blake and Evan really, really like group dance numbers.

Trini said...

Sorry Maria, but I haven't actually turned on my TV in months now. I download everything and watch it on my laptop.

I Loove House. I think Hugh Laurie is just yummy!!

I truly enjoyed True Blood. They managed to get some fantastic performers (I cried my eyes out when Sookie asked Godric if he was afraid)..and I always pee in the shower.



Anonymous said...

Our list is very, very similar.

Survivor - I've never missed a season and now my dtr watches with me.

Sopranos SAME
Hung - mixed on it but sucked in
The Office - like but liked Brit version better
30 Rock - ROCKS!
I love my big-thigh man - LOVE HIM
I have heard about Modern Fam and want to check out
MAD MEN - I secretly identify with Don and tell only one friend this because to admit that is to tell too much! ;-)))
Amazing Race - enjoy and sometimes watch with dtr
Entourage - guilty pleasure, love Ari and Lloyd, also whatshiname brother of famous guy
Dexter - I'm mixed on, was mesmerized by Jimmy Smits' character and performance last season, love Dexter performance by whatshisname, the show can give me bad dreams, it's brilliant but I'm conflicted about it
Friday Night Lights - love the coach in particular and some of the guys, too
Big Love - another favorite
True Blood - it starts to suck me in (ha!) but then gets too bloody for me... plus I hate that they are playing up this idol-worshipping crap... seems so not original to me... so less interesting than vampyre stuff
but that one vampyre guy... you know the one... mighty effing attractive that man
I feel like I'm leaving something out...

yes, I too, think I could win on Survivor and Amazing Race if I didn't pee when I run and have sciatica and arthritis.

but sometime I fantasize that I win, anyway! ;-)))

I love Paula on the Food Network.
very comforting to me.

And Alton Brown.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add Nurse Jackie altho' no way would I put it in the same category as Madmen, the Wire and oh yeah....


You must watch that one bec. like Madmen, Sopranos, Wire, it's brilliant in both content and execution.

Whatshisname is phenomenal. Bryan Cranston.

I love Malcolm in the Middle and sometimes watch with my daughter.
It makes me feel like a better parent.



Gypsy said...

Well you know I LOVE LOST particularly because of a certain someone called Sawyer. We get Dexter but I never thought to watch it. Perhaps I should. Fast Forward is about to start here so I will check that out too. I watch So You Think You Can Dance, both American and Australian versions and I absolutely love The Mentalist. Simon Baker rocks. Other than that I watch Aussie shows you would never have heard of.

To be honest I don't watch a lot of TV. I'm too busy blogging and doing homework, oh yeah and sleeping which is another favourite pastime. God I sound like a teenager.

One more thing, I pee in the shower if I really have to.

Annemarie of Holland said...

We haven't had tv since our move to Spain in February, and I can't say I've missed it much. Watching tv to me is not so much about watching tv as it is about sitting on the couch at the end of a day, being allowed to relax, with a glass of wine and having my feet rubbed by my guy, and with some sort of noise in the background (or frontground, rather, since we're talking tv). Weekends we usually just watch some dvd (have seen Ocean's 11, 12 and 13 some seven times, each, since February) and that's good enough for us.

When we still had tv, I absolutely loved food and cooking shows, they're my all-time favorites! And Who wants to be a millionaire (the German version, that is) was on twice a week and we tried not to miss it, because it's nice to check how clever you are compared to others (will not tell you the results, aargh...).

So, no tv here, really!

Earth Muffin said...

We got rid of our satellite service a little over a year ago and that really, truly has put a big damper on our TV watching. We still watch some shows, I'm not saying we don't, but seriously, our TV is not on very often any more.

That said:

True Blood (I rented Season 1 and have been streaming Season 2 online.)
How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris is AWESOME.)
Big Bang Theory (Love me some nerds)
The Office (I, too, love Jim and would love to work with Jim...and Dwight too.)
Glee (Ah, like a little musical every week...how do I love Glee? Let me count the ways.)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Borrowed DVDs from a friend, can't...stop...watching...)
The Biggest Loser (The one reality show that truly changes people's lives for the better, I'm a sucker for it.)

That's my must-see list. We also own the first and only season of Freaks and Geeks...LOVE THAT SHOW. We watch an episode of that here and there.

BTW, Mr. EM once applied to be on Survivor. Obviously, he didn't get chosen. He'd have been great at it though. Don't watch that one any more, but it's because of the time that it's on, not because we lost interest.


my favorite is the OFFICE and i also love jim, he actually looks nearly identical to my ex, but without the being an ahole part

Chelle said...

Must see (and this list is _way_ too long):
Amazing Race
Criminal Minds
Cold Case

Also like:
Big Bang Theory
Top Chef
Dirty Jobs
Holmes on Homes (though I don't think it's being produced anymore)

MmeBenaut said...

Master Chef
Australian Idol
We haven't had moonlight here yet
The amazing race is something I meant to watch but must have been doing something else.
Daytime: Dr Phil & Oprah (sometimes)

I feel guilty if I watch TV during the day when I have so many other things to do. I feel guilty spending too much time on the computer too but I feel that that at least is a little constructive in that my brain needs to function a little bit and if my fingers are typing, I'm less likely to eat or smoke :)

LizW said...

I became hooked on Dexter when my son brought home the DVD's. I had avoided it when it came on regular tv, but, like you, one episode in on the DVD (and being able to see the next episode right away) pulled me in. I'm also looking forward to The Amazing Race on Sunday. I started watching So You Think You Can Dance this year and am amazed at the talent and fitness of the contestants - they ain't bad lookin' either. I also watched The United States of Tara and think the writing and acting is amazing. They seem to be able to walk the fine line of not making a mockery of DID and the family accepting the son's homosexuality and making no big deal about it is also very refreshing. Which brings me to Glee, where they have the young gay character and, of course, Jane Lynch and, I understand Kristin Chenoweth will be guest starring. It don't get much better than that. Also looking forward to the return of 30 Rock. Oh, and I like Chuck too and am glad it got a reprieve (of course, it has nothing to do with Yvonne Strahovski being in it ;).