Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cheap thrills

Some days work is so heavy on me that I have to shake it off like a cloak when I walk in the back door.

Days like these call for Carousel Frosted Animal Crackers.

I take three with me upstairs while I GET OUT OF THAT SUIT.

And slide into jeans and a sweatshirt.

No shoes. Just barefoot.

I lay the cookies down on my dresser and look at them while I undress.

Light pink. White. Bright neon pink.

Which one to choose first?

I think the white one. Save that neon for last....

What's your weakness?


Eric said...

I have so many weaknesses I can't even pick a favorite.
I do love those cookies though.

iamheatherjo said...

My sweet tooth weakness is Trader Joe's Black Cocoa Coated Almonds. I could make myself ill on them if I allowed myself to have more than a few. I don't keep them in the house very often.

Although, those animal crackers suddenly sound pretty good.

You just won a very silly and completely worthless prize over at my blog. :D

Earth Muffin said...

After a bad day I really like to sing with the radio on the way home from work. If I don't have a good shake-the-blues cd in my car, I'll find something, ANYTHING, on the radio to sing. It really helps me feel human again.

Those are also usually the days I can be persuaded to order pizza for dinner instead of cooking. To say that Mr. EM is "supportive" of this comfort is an understatement.

And I always think as I'm driving home, "Man, once the boys are in bed, I'm pouring myself a large glass of wine!", but I almost never do. By that time, I've shaken whatever had me so upset and just cuddling up to my man is comfort enough for me.

More power to you, but I just can't stand those frosted animal crackers.

MmeBenaut said...

Japanese Rice Crackers
Whole Almonds

Wine and Words said...

Pizza...combination, with All the good stuff. Thinner crust, lots of toppings (no olives though) and about a pitcher of diet Coke, which I will continue to drink until I am bloated beyond repair. Then I will drink water, and more water....be up all night peeing. Ahhhh, I LOVE pizza...my comfort food.

deb said...

Smart, funny, grey haired men. Revels. Anything with coconut, chocolate and pecans.

Fiona said...

mmmmmm iced biscuits (or cookies) mmmmmm it has been years since I had one, come to think of it I've not seen them on the shelves here for quite some time.

You're so right, Maria, about the cloak. And for that reason my work clothes never cross over into free time clothing, it just wouldn't be right.

I can't wait to get out of mine at the end of the work day - and first thing off are always the shoes. Summer it's barefoot from that point and if it's winter and a little chilly, I just put on some socks.

Weakness - well on the biscuit/cookie front I do love the Pepperidge Farm Milanos, especially the orange ones :) I usually have one as a before bed treat, but now you've got me hankering after something iced!

Leah said...

Vintage Harlequin romances and canned ravioli. Preferably at the same time. Lowbrow, I know.

And p.s. I love those frosted animal crackers too...

LL Cool Joe said...

Wine gums. Well any candies or sweets as we call them here in the UK.

Wine gums aren't alcoholic btw, but sometimes I think that would be an added bonus.

Jamie said...

Almost too many to list, but when my day has been particularly bad, I need plain old Hershey's chocolate. I know there are much more "cool" brands out there, but none are as simple and sweet as the generations old Hershey brand...

Happy Hump day friend. :)

tracer123 said...

Jelly Babies, Tiny Teddies, cashews and smoked almonds, but not all at the same time. :0

Jill said...

I love those cookies, but would you believe my children do not? What they heck is wrong with those boys!?!?!

the only daughter said...

Bad, brain and body sucking days generally call for a big juicy Italian beef sandwich, dipped in the juice, loaded with sweet and hot peppers, topped with a mound of shredded, melted mozzarella and paired with a bucket of hot, fresh cut, lighted salted fries...

or chocolate anything.

Julie Curtis said...

sweetcorn ... on the cob, off the cob, covered in butter, covered in nothing. Just Love Sweet Corn.

Oh, and Yoghurt Covered Raisins


Rose said...

M and M's. Plain, with either a diet coke, or, if it's really a bad day, a glass of riesling. Ah, man...nothing better.

But I LOVE those cookies, Maria! Used to get them all the time when Thing 1 and Thing 2 were small. Why did I ever stop?

Oh yeah...the increasing size of my hips!

pawsingtospeak said...

salty chips (or pretzels) and a cold beer...

KMae said...

vanilla ice cream
&/or bbq potato chips


Now that the summer is ending maybe I can get myself off that shit.


Miss Healthypants said...

My current weakness is nutty bars.

My sister's is Lorna Doone shortbread cookies.

We go for sugar in my family. :)

C said...

my weaknessES are;

hershey chocolates [mnm's or riesens or kisses or mounds bars]-
then some thing salty-
then something in the fruit family-
then a big drink of water-
then something on bread-
then anise candy [or any candy] to suck on for a while [2 at a time of course] as i am too frikkin full to eat more.

wait awhile and repeat.

as you can see, i am well rounded in my weaknesses and strive not to alienate any of the food groups if i can help it. i repeat, i do not discriminate any of the food groups. i am an equal opportunity food group choser and will enjoy all of them equally, disregarding color, texture and sexual orientation.