Monday, March 31, 2008

Peace out of chaos.

Yesterday began as a hard day. We are all getting over some snarky virus that attacked us all in different ways. It began the same: sore throats. Fever.

Liv went from sore throat to runny nose to gross cough.
Bing went from sore throat to worse sore throat to being bone tired.
I went from sort throat to lung congestion to "I feel like I have been run over by a truck."

By Sunday, we were all sick of being sick. We looked at movies. None sounded interesting. Liv was too sick to have a play date. We decided to just hang out in our own ways and then meet up for take out bbq later in the day.

Bing went to take Socks for a walk. Socks was almost in a tizzy of excitement because he hadn't been walked in days, had just been rushed outside and told to "do your thing and get back in here."

She asked if Liv and/or I wanted to join her. It was a grey bone chilling cold day.

No, we didn't want to join her.

After she left, Liv settled on the sofa to work on her book report for school about the Lakota Indian tribe. This is a snap for her since her father IS a full blooded Lakota, so she has all kinds of information and can call a number of relatives to ask any questions she may have. She decided to go through a number of cds she has of Lakota music and decide on a few to use as props.

I told her that I was going to go lay down in my bed, try to read.

I plopped into my bed and tried to relax and read which was kind of hard considering Liv was listening to what sounded like war dances. Eventually, the music stopped and I could feel my eyes drooping into slumber.

And then, my dark midnight blue throw was pulled up gently and a little girl who really needed a shampoo and a tooth brushing slid in and under with me. I pulled her close, smelling the banana that she had for breakfast on her breath and nudging her soft pink cheek with my nose. We drifted off together.

In the back of my brain, I heard the downstairs door open and shut. Heard Bing's shoes plopping first one...and then the other down on the mudporch. I sighed and snuggled into Liv closer. By this time she was snoring lightly, something she only does when she has a stuffed up nose.

I felt eyes on me and opened mine up to see a small black dog sitting on the Lakota throw rug at the side of my bed. My hand was hanging off the side of the bed and he swatted it gently with his nose. Smiled at me. I swear he did.

Socks smiles. He does.

"Are your paws muddy?" I asked him quietly. It had been raining off and on for days, a dark, misty rain that seeped into the house, into our bones, into everything we ate and smelled.

He made a soft noise in his throat. No, alpha woman...can I come up there? I'm chilly....

I reached down and felt him. He felt dry. I patted the bed and he hopped up. Liv sighed and rolled over, making room for him to curl in between us in her sleep. Socks wiggled in between us, laying on his side and facing Liv, his nose resting in the crook of her arm.

We all sank deeper into sleep.

I woke up later to see Bing smiling at me, standing at the end of the bed.

"I'm going to go get us some bbq at Ted's," she told me, her finger tucked in an Arthur C. Clarke book. I winked at the cover. The Hammer of God. Ah...I remember that one. Something about a meteorite flying through the air, aiming it's sights on earth?

I yawned. "Make sure to get some of that really good cornbread," I whispered.

"And peach cobbler for Liv..." added the little girl who had banana breath and needed a shampoo.

Bing nodded. "A slab of ribs, saucy fries, coleslaw, that really good cornbread and peach cobbler for all. Anything else?"

Socks nudged me.

"A bone for a good, patient, sweet little dog?" I asked.

Bing winked. "I'll be home soon..." she said, leaning down to plant kisses on all of our foreheads and getting a lick from Socks in the process.

She stopped and turned at the door. "I hope y'all know that I came in and took a picture of you all sleeping with your mouths hanging open and all three of you snoring..," she said.

I gave her the finger and pulled up the midnight blue throw to warm up just a little.

I heard the door slam, the car start up and sluice down the rainy driveway.

"I think we should get up and set the table," I told Socks and Liv.

Later, we all ate bbq until we were full and satiated. Socks munched his bone down to a sliver. Liv finished her schoolwork and she and I took a shower together and I washed her haggie maggie hair with smooth goat's milk shampoo, lathered us both up and scrubbed until we shone.

Put Liv to bed and read a chapter to her from an incredibly silly book in a series called Goosebumps. Kissed her goodnight. Let Socks out into the back yard for one final pee and rabbit chase.

Settled in with Bing to watch Dexter.

It would be Monday soon enough. And we were all going to have a good week, a healthier week.

The rain would keep coming down, but at least it wasn't snow and our fevers were coming down too. The garden needed a drink.

The lights went out at 10 and the girl who no longer needed a shampoo, the alpha woman, the black puppy, and Bing, the bbq hunter all fell asleep.

And the dreams were all happy and good.


TroyBoy said...

Very sweet. And real. Thanks.

the only daughter said...

Hmmmmmmm. goood. I'm licking sauce off my fingers. Yum.

zirelda said...

Aw man. I want that. :) I have it in my own way, but today I would really like the healthier week.

Hahn at Home said...

What a lovely glimpse into a day in the life. I'm never disappointed.

sister AE said...

bbq hunter - i like that!

Angelissima said...

dude. ya gotta stop taking showers with yer kid.

MLC said...

You're a lovely story teller Maria, I really enjoy reading your blog.

I just answered your Book Meme on my blog -- perhaps there are a few titles for your nightstand.


Skeeter said...

Oklahoma and Nebraska must not be so far apart after all because that nasty virus bug is making the rounds around here too. Had to take a day off work because of that thing. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

jenny said...

you know how I love your warm and fuzzy posts! And I really want to that picture of you all snoring...!

Rebecca @ ClumsyKisses said...

Sounds delicious! The whole day, I mean, but takeout BBQ sounds divine too. We had a BBQ at our wedding, you know? Was lovely.

SassyFemme said...

Even in sickness your life and family is wonderful!

Playing blog catch-up. Coming here always makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy.

JYankee said...

really nice...i can envision it all as you write it....

dive said...

So now I know where I got this stupid fever from!
They told me Apple Macs don't need virus protection, but I read your blog and I've been down with the stupid flu since the weekend.

Fate's Granddaughter said...

That sounds a perfect day - ignoring, of course, that you felt like you had been hit by a truck.

I am tempted to get information about Dexter, as we are more than a full season behind and the anticipatio is killing me...

Lulu said...

I *love* Dexter! I just got through posting that I hate movies about serial killers...and now here I am digging a show about a murderer.

Dexter. Is fiction.

That's the difference.

Rebecca said...

Hope you guys are all feeling better! I miss the days when my little warm, smelling like a very dirty boy, snuggled in with me. I was HOPING Bing took a picture, too!! :)

kristi said...

Awwwwwww.........this sounds wonderful. Can we trade lives? What I would give for a nap on a Sunday afternoon. :)

PBS said...

Oh how interesting (your writing always is, I've missed it and you) my son's dad is Lakota too! That icky bug was going around my workplace back in Jan/Feb. Started with a cough and sore throat and went into fever.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Maria, what a beautiful picture you have given us! Thank you! And since we've had a month of illness in my house (each one taking a turn and then having it turn into infection), I can really feel your pain, as well as Liv's and Bing's. Be better soon!!

Val said...

Very cozy sounding post. Love Dexter.

Val said...

Very cozy sounding post. Love Dexter.

suesun said...

May I make a suggestion for a super read aloud?
"The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" by Avi.
You and Liv would love it! I am reading it to my boys right now and we are all enthralled...... much better than Goosebumps. :-)

simonsays said...

I know you won't, but I wish so much you would post that photo, it has to be a classic.

Hope your week is way better.


deboo said...

RE: Liv's report on the Lakota - how sweet to have living and breathing resources! When my 4th grader, Megs, had the option to do a biographical report, she chose her Grandfather, my Dad. Unfortunately, he passed away a little over a year before that time - but she could draw on her memories, and stories, and pictures. So cool to be able to do that.

When I was a kid, they just assigned us someone to bio, and we went to the local library to scour the available encyclopedias (remember those?).

Now, both daughters like using the Internet for their research, in addition to our wonderful local libraries.