Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Is anyone else as enamored of the new show Pushing Daisies as I am? I woke up this morning and my first thought was It's Wednesday! Pushing Daisies night! This sort of bothers me. I dislike being taken with TV. But, this show has me. It's the main character, the pie maker. I just love this guy. I SO want to invite him over for dinner.

I am not a TV hog, but I do have my shows. On Sundays, we always watch The Amazing Race as a family. On Mondays, Bing and I watch Heroes. On Tuesdays, Bing has to watch Nip Tuck which I tend to think is sort of stupid. But, now that she informs me that there is going to be a lesbian story, I am warming up to it. On Thursdays, I can't miss 30 Rock or The Office. And until Lost comes back on, that is it for me. I still feel like a TV hog.

I am lucky that Liv isn't one. She watches Hannah Montana occasionally if she gets her homework done on time. If not, she doesn't sweat it. She seldom watches TV and when she does, she likes cooking shows on the food network. I have no idea why she loves this network so much. She doesn't particularly enjoy cooking and neither do I. In fact, if Bing isn't around, we usually have grilled cheese sandwiches or oatmeal for dinner. I have even been known to slave over a Stouffer's TV dinner.

What are your favorite shows? And those readers not in America....what's on in your neck of the woods?


Scout said...

We agree on some favorite shows--The Office and Heroes, and I am wringing my hands with anticipation at the return of Lost. I am always hoping and waiting for Studio 60, my very favorite. I also like House, Boston Legal, and Desperate Housewives. I haven't seen Pushing Daisies yet, but I have been intrigued by the previews.

Jennifer said...

I love all 3 Law & Orders. Especially SVU because of Mariska.

I also watch Heroes,Prison Break, Lost, Nip/Tuck, Meerkat Manor, Bones & Criminal Minds.

We've also got Moonlight & Bionic Woman on the DVR--but the jury is still out on those.

Wow. Putting it all out there makes it look like all I do is watch television!

Pen and the Sword said...

Monday night I get my dose of comedy with How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. I catch Charmed every day at three. My brother has me hooked on That 70s Show, which he and I watch daily. And I am fervently waiting for FX to bring The Riches back for a second season.

Other than that I am usually subjected to the wonderful world of children's television.

Trop said...

My must see shows right now are Dexter and Weeds.... and every NASCAR race of course, and all programs relating to NASCAR--it's an obsession.

My assistant loves Nip/Tuck and she's always trying to get me to watch it. Now that I know there may be some girl-on-girl action, I'm going to give it a look.

zirelda said...

My Name is Earl and lately I've been watching Dancing with the Stars. I don't get the whole gist of the show but I love watching them dance.

Chris said...

omg, pushing daisies! this morning, my first thought was that it was Pushing Daisies day. As for N/T, this season is going to be greatness, I think (Portia DeRossi for pete's sake).

And don't even start with 30 Rock and The Office. I would totally bring the popcorn if I came to watch TV with y'all.

Yes, I watch a lot of TV. A lot.

CDPJ said...

Hubbz and I are both TV hogs, which explains why there are three TVs (soon to be four) in our house. He could watch sports morning, noon and night. I've become enamored with brainless trash TV like America's Next Top Model, Dirty Sexy Money and Snapped (yes the series about women who kill their husbands). Together we watch the Thursday night NBC shows and House. Our TIVO is quite full, to say the least...

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

Let's see here in Germany we get a lot of the same show's y'all do..just about a season or two behind..Right now I'm into Beauty and the Geek...Army Wives...and a couple of show's on German's version of Lifetime.

I want to see pushing up daisy's but it isn't here yet..maybe in July (ish)

Stacy said...

I haven't been watching much TV, though I suspect that's about to change since Tim just signed us up for DishTV. At the moment, my must-not-miss shows are Bones and Dancing with the Stars.

Phollower said...

The Spousal Unit and I have really been enjoying "The Big Bang Theory". The tall, skinny nerd just cracks us up. We like "Chuck" and "Weeds" too.

Besides that it's pretty much all hockey. Oh, and "Sunrise Earth" while we eat breakfast.

Anonymous said...

The West Wing
Coronation Street (5 times a week!)
Top Gear

and uh...

thats it (altho the telly is on about 12 hours a day but almost always tuned to News24 or Sky News)


weese said...

our daughter got us hooked on nip/tuck. i have mixed feelings about it. it really is completely bizarre.

Carolyn said...

Our house (6 roommates)watch the food network religiously. Of course some shows are better than others and we all have different reasons for watching
- I actually love to cook and thus it makes sense I like it
-my other female roommate likes certain shows but hates others (more of the food-porn variety, she wishes she had someone to cook her those recipes)
-the two boys love to watch it because they're huge stoners -and who doesn't love watching shows about delicious food when you're baked?
-my boyfriend and the other girl could really care less but are forced to put up with it because of the rest of us.

Dear Prudence said...

I am completely enamored with PD! I like the narrative and the way it revels itself. I thought my kids would like it because it is different, they don't. I am also a Hero's freak, Prison Break, Grey's of course and House rules! Plus all the CSI's. Other than that I watch HGTV. Discovery, Biography and The Food Network. MMM sounds like I don't ever get off the couch.

I'm Kate... said...

We are "past" TV watchers. We adore old reruns of Frasier and King of Queens. I haven't really gotten into any of the latest shows for the past few years. We love to watch Forensic Files and shows of the such on Court TV, as well as the news. Joey's favorite show is Wheel of Fortune. He's GLUED for 30 minutes straight watching the colorful wheel spin like a little man. Cartoons don't even grab him like that - not even Elmo.

sandy shoes said...

I sort of subscribe to the "they call it the 'idiot box' for a reason" school of thought. Mostly because I'm too cheap to pay for cable. Spending money essentially to watch advertising on TV is a concept I can't get past, though who knows why not, as I shell out almost $70/month for high-speed internet.

That said, I'd happily watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, various things Mike Rowe does on the Discovery Channel, and some Food Channel stuff. And the James Bond marathons that are on over Thanksgiving weekend, making family gatherings somewhat less intolerable.

The last serial drama I was hooked on was ER, back in the days of NBC's Thursday night "must-see TV": Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, E.R. That was one hell of a lineup. Bright spot in my week for a few years, actually. Which doesn't say much for those few years. But I digress.

Zoe said...

Fortunately we have mostly the same taste in TV shows. Our favorites are; Dexter, Weeds, and The Office. When the tv seasons change we watch L Word, Lost, Monk, and Psych. And any time, we'll watch CSI (vegas only), first runs, reruns, it doens't matter.

Rebecca said...

We watch Amazing Race, too. Right now, I am kind of pulling for the goth couple. I know, I know...but how cool is it to have a name like "Vixen"??? I predicted that when things got tough and messy, and all their gothy makeup starting running off their faces, that they would fold...but they hung tough and I was dutifully impressed. And my only other 2 MUST watch shows are House and Stargate Atlantis....haha. Ok, so I really am straight, but I have a total girlie crush on Amanda Tapping from Stargate. She's blonde, she's smart AND she can kick ass.

Bahrageous said...

I don't watch a lot of grown up TV, but I never miss Lost. Ever. I'm a pretty big fan of Rescue Me (FX), and reruns of Will & Grace and Friends. I just discovered Reba and I must say, that is some damn funny stuff. Who woulda thunk it?

Lachlan said...

I LOVE Pushing Daisies! It's so weirdly Tim Burton-esque.

I also watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, CSI Miami & CSI original, and House.

Thank god for TiVo.

Terroni said...

I'm with Liv. I love the Food Network. I don't have cable, so I see it a few times a year when I visit the parents.

Lainey-Paney said...

I like...Desperate Housewives, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Biggest Loser, Monk, Grey's Anatomy, The Soup on E!...OMG. I'm a TV-WHORE.

...seriously, don't ask me this question,b/c the above is only a partial list.

Patois said...

Many years ago -- different husband, different life, no kids -- I watched TV regularly. The life I have now -- or at least the life I've let myself have -- means I fall asleep with the kids and miss any worthwhile TV. I'm up early just so I can read blogs. No more TV for me. I don't miss it so much. Now I've got you!

the only daughter said...

Well, as a recovering addict I try to keep it to a bare minimum. I try--but usually fail. Although to be totally honest, the tv is on--but I don't "watch" like I used to. When I do watch, among the favs are in order of appearance (current season): Amazing Race, Weeds, Dexter, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: CI & Grey's Anatomy. I was once an avid Nip/Tuck fan--may go back. The L Word, The Wire are not in season but when they are back-I'm on them. On the suggestion of some friends I'm giving Pushing Daisies, Bones & House a tumble. So far I like what I see. I was woo woo wow over the Bionic Woman the first time. This time...heh. And then there are the Food Network, HGTV, Learning & Discover Channel. Oh and yeah, BBC & LOGO. Oh and A & E. ---but I'm tapering off...really, I am.

Kate Isis said...

Wednesdays for me means Prisonbreak and the hopes that the story will get relevent quick.
Supposedly they've written seven seasons but how long can one guy keep breaking out of jails for?

We don't have pushing daisies over here yet, but it sounds interesting.

Menopauseprincess said...

I just discovered "The Amazing Race" but I'm hooked, SO thinks it's stupid.

Love "Pushing Daisies", I especially love Lee Pace and have ever since I saw him as Calpernia Addams in "Soldier's Girl" which you MUST see if you ever get the chance, a true story and SO sad.

I am a tv addict and may be looking for an intervention or a 12 step meeting soon.

Mon-Prison Break, Heroes, Journeyman
Tues-NCIS, The Unit, Nip Tuck
Wed-Pushing Daisies
Thurs- Ugly Betty, Supernatural,Dirty Sexy Money
Fri-Ghost Whisperer, Women's Murder Club
Sun-Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters

Whenever we happen to catch Law and Order, Without A Trace, and Cold Case we watch them.

We are in front of some sort of monitor a lot every day!

jenny said...

Used to have Lost in the UK but my cable company fell out with sky and now we dont get it! Wahhhhh, I had to get my brother to download it from the web to see the last series. I like the Unit, will watch any epsiode of ER even from years ago, Weeds was good but didnt get that into it, followed desperate housewives but its not that good, umm, I dont watch much UK stuff apart from Doc Martin, I love that. Nip/tuck was good if weird but we dont get that any more either. We do get 30rock, heroes etc but I missed the first episodes and now dont know whats going on!

dennis said...

Burn Notice and Boston Legal are good shows, but the imps and I (this includes the wife) enjoy; Dirty Jobs, Man vs. Wild, How It's Made and American Chopper.

Some Dr. Who, Torchwood ...

did I mention Psych?

sister AE said...

Although I watch a fair amount of TV, there is nothing I would stay home to watch. And most I don't miss if I don't happen to catch them that week.

I do like:
Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters

I fill in a lot with Food Network and stuff on HGTV and the Discovery channel.

I like that I can watch some of the CBS shows (like Numbers, NCIS, & various CSI's) on our On Demand.

And I somehow manage to watch most of the new Disney channel movies, at least once.

And left to my own devices, I end up watching a lot of documentary or science-type shows. And cartoons.

What a weird collection, no?

Gypsy said...

Believe it or not I mostly watch American tv shows even though I live in Australia. I LOVE LOST and can't wait for it to come back on. I also love Californication, any shows with Dancing in them including So you think you can dance from the US and I like watching criminal shows and how they solve crimes. One Australian show I absolutely love is McLeods Daughters and I actually got to appear in an episode yesterday as an extra. It was sooooo cool.

JYankee said...

in japan i get in between the coffee bean's disney channels and japanese anime...hmmm.. CSI series..(yes Horatio sucks..but who cares!)...mainly the Miami and New York ones..can I can never catch the Vegas one.. hmmm a little behind it used to be the Sex and the City series.. but now..Dr. House...National Geographic... I mainly watch just to unwind before bed...

sari said...

We like The Office (the birthday episode last night cracked me up) and for some reason are watching America's Next Great Band (or something like that) that is on Friday nights. It's like American Idol, but with bands.

And the judges are better.

mapiprincesa! said...

I hopped, skipped and jumped over to you from Zirelda. I don't belong where I am...I prefer to watch Yo amo a Juan Querendón, a rather hilarious Mexican telenovela. I dread the day it ends. My children even love it. I tolerate AFV for the kids' sake. And am very into the Little Einsteins...also for their sake. I enjoy the raw passion of Latin American TV. Still go in for some of the Brit-com reruns on PBS on cold Saturday nights, too...

greymatters said...

I don't watch much TV at all. I Tivo "Exs and Ohs", "Dexter", "Weeds", "The L Word" and occassionally something from C-Span (Book TV, usually). The last time I thought about it, I watch about six hours of TV total, about half of which is news.

I'm much more a reader than a TV watcher.

guillermo cheesedale said...

the office in england is funnier.

the only shows i watch are:

bill maher, the simpsons and family guy

if strangers with candy still came on... thats my favorite show ever made.

eleKtrofly said...

... my thoughts exactly, guillermo

Elizabeth Penmark said...

I do like that Daisies show. I agree. The Pie Maker is so sweet. But I think what gets me is the relationship between him and the girl. It is so sweet.

Angelissima said...

Food Network is really popular with kids. Go Figure. Especially Alton Brown. He explains the history and chemistry of cooking - good stuff!

I'll watch Law and Order 24/7. I don't drool over it at specific times because it airs just about 24/7.
My fav is CI. I love Vincent D'O

I've been sucked into Grey's Anatomy, but since I can TIVO it, I don't sweat the timeframe.

I've always had an obsession with the criminal mind and the history of punishment.

I love Lock-up and Lock-down. I even read a forum called Prison Talk for the family and friends of inmates. I don't know why. The mindset fascinates me.

Thats the thing.

Lulu said...

The Office
Big Love
The Riches
Real Time with Bill Maher
Arrested Development (reruns)
Project Runway
Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann (I have a crush on him...)
Daily Show
Colbert Report
SNL when I can stay awake