Friday, May 25, 2007

One small rant

Just something that bugs me.

Why must they have those icky pictures of close ups of people's zitty chins on the yahoo page? Yahoo is my home page and frequently there are these close ups of zits on people's chins and then they are magically wiped away and the ad says something like "better than botox?" or "better than pro-activ?" I plain refuse to look at the product name because it pisses me off that they even got me to look at the zitty chins.

There are also pictures of women with lined faces (alarmingly close to my own) and then they are wiped across slowly with unlined soft youthful faces. Do they really think that I believe that their product will make my 48 year old face look like I am 28? Hey, I may have facial lines, but I am not as dumb as a doorknob.

Or there will be a pair of luscious full pink moist lips and then they will slowly shrivel up into old woman dry cracky ones. It totally grosses me out.

And those television ads on TV about toenail fungus. They show the little fungus men lifting up the big toenail of a foot and jumping in! That makes me want to puke. It is almost as bad as those big mucous blob people in commercials where they set up house in a lung and then are coughed away when the host takes a certain medicine.

Just for those stupid commercials...I will NEVER buy those products. Ever.

I don't have a problem with erectile dysfunction, so I don't need help there, but those commercials are embarrassing. And the guy is usually around 60 with some young woman of 25. They show them canoodling on giant penile shaped rocks and hint that when ever this guy needs to be ready, he can be if he only takes that product.

Now, there ARE some clever commercials out there. But, this is a I will leave that for another day.

And a great weekend.


deb said...

Oh, I am just so tired of those commercials. I know what you mean. We can't believe the girls haven't asked about them - I think Katie's getting to the age where she'd rather discuss such things with her friends than with us. Well, she's of a mind that a penis looks like a pickle, and just about as enticing.

There is just so little class exhibited in the world today. I'm surprised when I come across it.

Know what I mean?

deb said...

Hey, what happened to your post, "The Truth?"

And, are you still planning on visiting SF this summer?


Rebecca said...

That toenail fungus ad is the absolute worst!!! It hurts me to see it, so I always try to look away before he lifts that nail up.
Blech! The diarrhea commercials are pretty obnoxious, too. Oh, yeah, and how about the bladder control ones???

Maria said...

Hey Deb...I deleted the Truth post. I think it was guilt...I just kept thinking that Bing might stumble on it and feel badly (although she has only read one post in this blog and that was because I asked her to.) Didn't want to risk it...

And, yeah...we are still going to SF mid July and I'm looking forward to Haight Ashbury the most...I like all that hippie stuff and am a huge Ginsburg fan, so want to see the bookstore that refused to take down his books.

Bing wants to walk across the Golden Gate bridge. I back is pretty tricky even on good days.

Burg said...

You crack me up!

zirelda said...

I agree with you on the ads. My home page is google though and they have some really nice customizations without ads.

The ad that really makes me crazy is the Head On one on TV. I understand that repeating the name of the product makes it stick in the consumer's head, but geez.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

And what about the herpes commercials? Yeah, sure I bet their friends don't make fun of them, acting or not!

That toenail fungus one gives me the chills.

Bobealia... said...

I don't have a TV, I just watch downloaded television on my computer. Also, I don't even notice the ads on my Yahoo or Hotmail pages anymore. I have tunnel vision when it comes to being on the internet.
Have a fun weekend! It's HOT here!!!

Terroni said...

You blog is ad free. And you should feel free to make it your homepage. :>

Carrie said...

You are the second person to mention the penis rock. I never noticed it until it was pointed out. LOL