Monday, May 14, 2007

Listed under stupid songs that make me cry for no good reason that I can think of...

Well, damn. Where the HELL is my tough ass image going? There I was, driving home from a client's office today, idly listening to the radio.

This song comes on. It is called The Last Time I Felt Like This by Johnny Mathis.

I listen to the first couple of bars and then there I go...bawling again. What in the name of Mike is wrong with me? I never used to be this sappy. And this song is really, really sappy.

I don't even really like Johnny Mathis. So, why am I crying?

Too many memories flying over me about warm days when I thought that maybe things could be just perfect.

Not that my life is bad. It is good. But...yeah. It hurts, right...there when I think about this.

So, let it go. Center on what is good. Let go. And for christsakes...quit the bawling!

There. In control again. Well, until the next sappy, stupid song.


Melanie said...

The Rose. Wildfire. Love's Discovery (Indigo Girls), Blood and Fire (Indigo Girls)

hell...half of what the Indigo Girls have written, really. they need to stay OUT of my brain.

Jill said...

Oh Maria... Johnny Mathis?? I understood the Jan and Dean thing, but Johnny Mathis?


Terroni said...

Lyle Lovett singing If I Needed You. It brings out the ugly cry (complete with red, swollen eyes and snot). Charming, huh?

zirelda said...

I hate when that happens.

deb said...

You know, I started doing that too. The wierdest things will make me tear up, and I won't have the faintest notion why.

I chalk up to those moaning hores.

...wait for it...



PBS said...

Songs make me cry now too. I'm not sure why but they seem to get to me more now that I'm older. I watched "The Way We Were" a couple of months back and cried all of the way through it. The first time I saw it (when very much younger) I thought it was a sweet, little bit sad movie and I didn't even come close to crying over it! This time it hit home and reminded me painfully of relationships I've had.

ryan said...

i love sappy music
it gets me through certain days
the cheesier the better!

Maria said...

Thanks for all the nice post and um...worried e-mails. :(

I'm FINE. I think it's menopause. Ever since I entered that lovely state of perimenopause, I have been bawling like a baby over the stupidest things. Deb, those hormones are raging worse then when I was in high school. But, I don't want to screw everybody, I want to slap them.

But, Jill...(I laughed at your comment...and hey, wasn't Jan and Dean! It was Chad and Jeremy!), I agree. I mean...JOHNNY MATHIS????? I cried over a song by him? When I think of him, I think of that poufy hair and those sappy, songs about endless love.

And, PBS, I think you are right. Suddenly, I seem to have all these memories. A few regrets of roads not taken. I am just so OLD. When did I start bawling in cars? If you had told me when I was 28 that I would be bawling in the car over a Johnny Mathis song twenty years later, I would have snickered. NOT me. Yes, me....

Carrie said...

I've been pretty sappy too lately.