Monday, May 21, 2007

Air conditioner wars

I knew it was coming. Bing is an air conditioner person. I am not. I usually give in only when the temps get high enough to melt butter on my counter. It just bugs me to give in and turn the damn thing on.

As soon as the temps started hitting the 80's, Bing started whining about the air conditioner. Liv is a fence sitter. She doesn't mind the a/c, but can live without it too. I like to fling those windows open and keep them open until the heat and humidity force me into a corner. I am not complaining about the a/c...honest. I LIKE it in July and August. But, in MAY? No. It is too soon. The air is still fresh and cool in the mornings.

I knew we were in trouble when I noticed that Bing could not sleep with the windows open. She worried about break ins. She said that her allergies were acting up. She came in from mowing the yard and bitched and bitched about how hot it was until I finally told her to go take a cold shower and she would feel better.

"I would feel better if we could turn the damn air on!" she retorted.

I tried ignoring her. It is very hard to ignore a person who tosses and turns all night in a full sized bed next to you. Someone who WAKES me up from a sound sleep to inform me that she cannot breathe through her nose because it is all plugged up because she has spring hay fever.

This morning, as I was making Liv's lunch for school, Bing came in from her shower and was packing her bag to take to work.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I kept you awake with all my sneezing and coughing last night," she said.

I told her that it didn't bother me until SHE woke me up to tell me that her nose was plugged up.

"Please, can we just turn the air conditioner on?" she asked.

I told her that a cold front was supposed to come through tonight and the temps were supposed to drop into the 60's the rest of the week.

She didn't answer. Just sniffed as loudly as she could.

"Think how much money we will save if we don't turn it on, " I said.

She is very into saving money. I figured this would appeal to her frugality.

She blew her nose noisily. I thought to myself that this woman was in the wrong profession. She could give Meryl Streep a run for her money in the acting department.

"Oh, FINE!" I sputtered. "Turn the damn thing on!"

So now I am sitting here freezing to death and breathing cold, chemical tasting air. We set the thermostat on 76 but it feels colder to me. I am SO tempted to turn it off but I made a promise and I swear that if I have to listen to her bitching about the heat one more second, I will lose my mind.

Do I sound resentful?

What are your everyday fights about?

I also wanted to add that I am not heartless. I have tried and tried to get Bing to see an md about her allergies. She says that she doesn't want to take drugs. And, I have noticed that her allergies are kind of selective (once when she was gone for a weekend, I shut the air conditioning off and turned it on about an hour before she got back home...she sighed when she walked in and exclaimed how nice it was to get back into air conditioning, said that she could actually feel her sinuses clearing up. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the house was just as full of pollen, etc as the place where she came from, thereby making MY argument that it is all in her head valid.) I DO think that she is simply uncomfortable in any weather over 80 and yes, I try to respect that. But, I guess that I DO resent it a little bit. And I miss my cool breezy house with all the windows open...


zirelda said...

This is where I am like you and Bing is like Dan. He is Mr. Freeze, I am Miss Cold Hands. I don't even like the ceiling fan on and he gets insulted when I pull the blanket over me. I'd rather have the windows open and take advantage of natural air flows. Last year he had 5 fans and a small air conditioner going in the living room. Every time I walked in there I thought I'd run into a tornado.

Daily fights though... haven't had any for a while, unless that's my short term memory shorting out again.

MamaLee said...

Hubby has asthma and allergies. He's on meds, which make a WORLD of difference. I don't really get why she doesn't want to help her situation. She'd feel SO much better.

Everyday fights... hm. MY procrastination. Hubby being impatient and inconsiderate. Not a lot of fights, though. I think having our space every week helps ALOT.

Proxima said...

I think you should send Bing to go with my mother. I'm sure the two penguins could get along just fine.

My mom used to keep the a/c so low my body would actually go into shock after coming in from outside.

And in your defense, air conditioners are one of the top three contributors to global warming. Tell her she's killing Polar Bears. :>


stacy said...

We don't save any energy because we are ALL air conditioner people. We all have allergies and we all hate being hot in the house. The damn thing has been running nearly every day this month....and the furnace has run on some of the very same days. Geez.

Sassy Sundry said...

Ah, the fine art of compromise. Don't you just hate it?

I hate the a/c, too, and I have allergies.

deb said...

I'm with you about the A/C - but there is a solution. A ceiling fan. I don't like A/C either, but I don't mind a ceiling fan. We have one over the bed, in in the livingroom, and there's one in my office.

It's very cooling at night, when you need it, specific to the room, too.

What do you think?

Maya said...

I like to gradually work my way up to the air conditioning. This time of year I love to have the windows open. When an added bit of cold is needed then I add the ceiling fans (one in bedroom, one in kitchen). When I cannot stand it anymore, I turn on the central air, which is usually in early July and the humidity is horrible. I hate being cold, and I agree that May is way to early to turn on the air.... Bing should see a doctor about her allergies!

r.d. said...

Nothing against Bing but get that woman some help! AC sucks. I feel sorry for you,it sounds like complete hell. I'm cold pretty much seven months out of the year and even in the heat of the summer I have to deal with being freezing everytime I go into a store or out to eat. I fucking hate it!

We fight about the bathroom, I hate to share...

Burg said...

The humidity here is disgusting not to mention the pollen and other allergens.. I'm with Bing.. This year, I gotta have my a/c. I do try to put it off until the last minute, but I've had walking pneumonia for who knows how long and everything has been further irritating my lungs, so I turned on the a/c early.. I think it helps.. I notice I don't grab for my inhaler as much.

jenny said...

I have allergic rhinitus, everything airborne makes me sneeze, even the smell of washing up liquid! A small dose of loratadine in the morning or claritin at night (makes you drowsy but effect should last till following night) I've been taking antihistameines for years, doesnt do you any harm and its such a relief not to sneeze and sniff!

dive said...

I'm with you, Maria; I'm a fresh air fiend.
We have air con here at work and I'm sitting here with a thick shirt and a sweater on and the back of my neck is still freezing. Brrrrrrr …
I'm with Bing on medication though. I ease my hay fever by eating locally produced honey through the year, made from the plants I'm allergic to. It has really made a difference (plus it's yummy).

Melanie said...

well, i think that if she's so uncomfortable that she's not sleeping well at night, then really, that's too much. what temp do you put the a/c on when it's on? can she live with it being on a rather conservative temp, say, 74, with ceiling fans on to keep it circulating?

we don't do this now because our current house has no windows in the bathrooms, but in the last house we would keep the a/c on 74-ish (72 when it was really hot) with all the ceiling fans slowly turning. the bathroom doors would always stay shut though, and we would have window unit fans in them with the a/c vents shut off in those rooms, so that the bathrooms always had fresh air circulating. it cut our bills down pretty low for a/c and it was tolerable to me, the person who hates humidity and has a very narrow temperature comfort range (i have been known to throw up from heat-induced nausea in a 85-degree, humid house, and i have been known to pass out from the heat if the humidity is high enough at that temperature, too. it gives me headaches, nausea, bleah.)

strangely, it's my husband with all the allergies and he prefers open air circulation anyway, most of the time.

i like an ice-cold, dry-air house, and big, fluffy, sub-arctic duvets piled on the bed a foot thick. :) but i settle for it being just cool enough that i don't feel physically ill if i move around too much.

Terroni said...

I grew up sleeping on the top floor of a tiny house with no air. It was often hotter in my bedroom than it was outside. I would never want to go back to that. But...I do like the breeze.

I like to put the air on for a few hours in the heat of the day and then open the windows again when it cools off at night.

Maybe Bing could have a spoon full of Dive's honey before bed, and you could leaving the windows open at night. You could turn on the air about an hour before she returns from work.

Lolita is always hotter than I am. In the winter, we keep the thermostat set pretty low (66 during the day, 63 at night) to save money. She is comfortable, and I sleep with a hat on. This summer, I'll be comfortable and she'll be melting.

Bones said...

Tell her to take a benadryl at night before she sleeps. Windows open, windows closed. It won't matter. She'll zonk out and wake up with clear sinuses.

And she'll have great stories about her dreams.

Everyone keeps telling me to try eating local honey for allergy prevention. And did you know that histimines are created by the same cells that start acid production? does she have heartburn?

Carrie said...

It really is all about compromise. Adam has allergies really bad so we turn the A/C on too. When it is nice, he will open the windows and suffer for me. He too hates taking drugs.

Jen said...

My husband is an ac person. I am not. Those are what our everday fights are about. In the summer anyway. In the winter it's about how high to turn the heat to.

For variety we like to fight about who's turn it is to load the dishwasher.

Book and Hook said...

That is why I heart my swamp cooler. It is mounted on the roof in the hallway outside our bedroom. Last year we had it on a timer, so it would turn on at a specific time. We can't find the timer this year :(, so who ever gets up to pee when it is getting warm turns on the swamp cooler. Our AC is a window mounted unit that goes in the bedroom window, we got it for free and spent $15 on a remote for it, so we can have it on a timer. The reason for needing a timer is we don't usually get up until about 12:30pm because Darling Husband doesn't have to leave for work until 2:00pm. We haven't had to install the AC yet, it hasn't gone above 90 yet.
We fight about food. The money I spend on groceries, the money I spend feeding him. Last night I was very angry at him because he refused to eat dinner because I said it was bedtime. He will usually eat whatever I make, and doesn't really have any serious food preferences. We also semi-fight about the cleaning that isn't getting done.
I love reading this blog and save it for last.