Sunday, March 18, 2007


Mainly this is to test to see if my comments go back up. I was distressed when Bobealia sent me an email to tell me that she couldn't comment....I dutifully went to my settings only to find that everything seemed in order.

So, I dunno. I'll just blame it on a mean spirited peeper.

We just returned home from the movie Zodiac. It was long, yes. But, it was very interesting. I had to pee right in the middle of it and was afraid to get up in case I missed something! So, it was that good. (Yes, I did go find a ladies room, but it was at a fair clip. I rushed back to my seat and made Bing tell me in a whisper everything that I had missed.) I am embarrassed to say that the whole zodiac murder case was around the time when I should have remembered it. I was about 10 when it started, but I honestly had NO recollection of it. Albeit, I was a young sprout on the prairie, but my family DID read the paper and watch the news. I can't believe I didn't recall any of it. Bing remembered it vaguely.

So, yeah...go see it. It is wonderful, although a little grisly. I had to close my eyes at the murder scenes, but I found the whole story fascinating.

And bowling? I can only say that I am not in any danger of losing my gutter queen title. But, those shoes are sure spiffy. And I made sure to wear my black jeans so that my ass didn't look quite so huge when I bent over to throw the ball....Liv and Bing only did slightly better.

On the way home, Liv asked me if I had looked into finding her an ice skating instructor as promised, so I am guessing that she isn't too keen on the bowling thing.

Another odd thing...did anyone else watch Meet the Press today? Well, there I am watching it in that half ass way that I do every Sunday morning and suddenly I hear strains of the song Stompin' At The Savoy.

That song was played at Orna's funeral. I swear that woman is making damn sure that I know that she made it safe and sound....

Anyone else an Amazing Race junkie? And if you are, who are your favorites? I like the gay grandpas. I can hardly stand Mirna and Charla.

It is going to be a couch potato night as Battlestar Galactica is on too. Bing and I even bought doughnuts to snarf as we watch. Since I only get one doughnut per week, I made sure it was a long john. Life is good when you can watch Athena and eat a long john. Boy howdy.

Okay...end of test. Let's see if my comments option comes back to play.


Jill said...

Comments up!

I am going to have to wait to see Zodiac on video, since during a normal length movie I have to get up and pee at least once. I'll never make it.

Teronni said...

Just discovered your blog (from the obtuse date comment you left on Proxima's).
Last time I bowled, they replaced my name with "Blind" on the scorecard. "Gutter queen" has a nicer ring to it, though. I think I'm going to start using that. It shouldn't be a problem unless we run into each other in a bowling ally someday. In that case, we'll have to compete for the title.

Elle said...

Hey glad you got it working again!!!

stacy said...

You can always have them put up the bumpers and say you have them "for Liv." It helped my score for years till my kids didn't want them any more.

Proxima said...

We'll trying to get a large obtuse triangle through the grocery store door could be about as interesting as getting a fat lady through one.

I thinks bloggers been doing alot on the backside of things, sometimes these things affect the front end (what we see).


Carrie said...

I have been dying to have a long john since I have been home but I gained about 3 pounds on my trip.