Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A sad day

Today, our next door neighbor, Orna, goes into a hospice. She is in her eighties, has bladder cancer and is unable to take care of herself any longer. Her daughter is coming to get her today.

Liv and I both loved Orna. She was wonderful to Liv, an extraordinary babysitter, a great baker of cakes, and the funniest Republican I ever met. When Liv and I would show up at her door, she would always say, "Wait a minute, dearies, I must go tell the lions to hide. If I let them jump on you, they will lick you to death." She would walk into her house a bit and trill out, "Boys! Time to go into the bedroom closet. Liv is here. I'll call you if she would like a lion ride later!"

Liv thought that was the coolest thing in the whole world. Even when she reached the age where she knew that Orna was fooling, she would buy into it. They would bake cakes together for "the boys" and sometimes sing songs for them outside the bedroom closet door.

We will both miss her. We will visit her, though, and maybe bring the boys for a visit. They are staying at our house now.

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Gajet said...

The Ornas of the world are getting fewer and farther between. Your description in this post reminds me of my grandmother, who joined right in with every make-believe game that we played as kids.

My best wishes to your friend, and to you and Liv as well.